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Ender’s Game audiobook

Ender’s Game is the first part of Ender’s Game novel series. It is a science fiction fantasy novel. The book is written by Orson Scott Card. He is regarded for his excellent science fiction works. The subject novel, Ender’s Game of the author won him the Nebula and the Hugo Awards. Speaker for the Dead is also a brilliant novel by the author. Earth Unaware, The Enderverse novel series is another good one from the author.

The narration of this chapter is done by a diverse team of narrators which is led by Stefan Rudnicki. There were some mixed reviews due to several narrators involved but there wasn’t any major problem with it.

Ender’s Game

To set up some secure defense against a dangerous attack of the next race of the alien, the government agencies trained them as soldiers. Andrew Wiggin, a brilliant young boy used to live with his type but his distant parents. It also included Peter, his sadistic brother and also the person who he adores more than anybody else, and finally Valentine, his sister. Valentine and Peter were both candidates of the soldier training program as well but they were not able to cut. The young Ender is the Wiggin drafted to the circling Battle School which is meant for the laborious military training.

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The skills of Ender make him a great leader in the school. He is also highly respected in the expanse of the Battle Room, where the kids used to play the mock battle.

The characters in this novel are quite easy to identify. You will be pulled within this imaginary universe which is called Enderverse by the fans of the series.

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