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Escaping Home audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Escaping Home audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Escaping Home audiobook free

I don’t recommend this series, maybe the first book only. The amount of detail this author goes into is mind numbing. Most of it is totally unnecessary. At one point he used an entire page describing how Morgan was washing dishes, seriously. Also, as other reviewers have stated, he gives way to much specifics about the gear that the characters use. It almost seems like the author is trying to show off with his knowledge which is rudimentary survival tactics, and unrealistic. However this detail on the gear becomes less and less as you get further in the series. These books were a waste of money and I only got a couple dollars back once returned.


Review #2

Escaping Home audiobook in series The Survivalist Series

In this book the family has to leave the home they’ve fought so hard for. They’ve figured out where to go, but continued survival in such a hostile environment is harder than we can imagine. Living in an area teaming with wildlife the family continues to learn how to defend themselves while they struggle to keep themselves fed. I enjoyed learning about different types of food and preparation methods in this book. A. American did a nice job explaining some interesting methods for preservation of food as well as hunting, trapping and fishing. I know it’s not everyone’s bag but I liked it. You get a story along with the tutorial…


Review #3

Audiobook Escaping Home by A. American

While reading this series I have to wonder if our beloved country is actually heading in this direction. This series has given me so many ideas to use in our own preparations for future hardships. We are slowly storing food and other essential items; rice, beans, grain, sugar, flour, salt, and of course COFFEE, in Mylar bags. Canned veggies, dehydrated veggies, canned and dehydrated meat. Also purchasing bulk amounts of dish soap, laundry soap, and personal hygiene items. I have even put survival supplies and get home bags in my truck and my wife’s car. I even put together basic survival bags for our two adult sons. The younger single son (25) has expanded the items in his bag and is always on the lookout for new or better gear. The older married one doesn’t feel it’s as important to waste money on such things since “It’s never going to happen Dad.” I hope he’s right.


Review #4

Audio Escaping Home narrated by Duke Fontaine

I had read the negative reviews of “Going Home” and read and liked it although the attention to detail in describing
the military hardware and his gear was a bit too detailed for me but overall I enjoyed the story.

The second book in the series “Surviving Home,” was a excellent. The plot moved pretty fast and you got to
know the characters a lot better. Plus there are a few surprises in store. One is in the middle of the book and the
the other near the end.

One thing I had to keep reminding myself is, the main character was a prepared
prepper and had stocked his home with items for years.

Morgan, the main character, is a contradiction of sorts. Times have changed and
he tries to retain his compassion and humanity by helping and caring for others, giving out items from his stockpile
and just trying to be a ‘normal’ guy and a Dad. But as I said, times have changed and when need be, to protect
himself, his family and those he cares about, he can become utterly ruthless when required.

It’s a good story, at least in my opinion.


Review #5

Free audio Escaping Home – in the audio player below

This is a continuation of the series started with “Going Home.” Although there’s a basic summary in the beginning of the book, do not start here. The first books sets the stage appropriately for this novel, although there’s some annoyances with the writing (see other review). In this book, things are escalating to what I can only assume will be the climax for the last book. This one see the main characters of the first book return with attacks starting more directly on the home front.

This book moves the overarching plot along but not really by much. I expected a bit more advancement of the plot prior to the last book but as the title explains, it’s basically about the characters in the home area escaping. There is more reveled as to why the raids are occurring and what happens to those who go along with the system, which was at least alluded to in the prior book. This book seems that this is more of same, almost a status quo of the prior novels. Sure, it get ramped up a bit as things get tighter, but that’s to be expected.

The main reason for the three star review is the last paragraph. I like the series overall and will continue reading it, and have recommended it, but this one seems almost like it’s just trying to extend the series to another book.

Hopefully I didn’t give anything away. I try not to get into details that would be considered a spoiler but enough detail for one to know what to expect.


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