Escaping Monsters (Grayhaven #1)

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Escaping Monsters (Grayhaven #1) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Escaping Monsters (Grayhaven #1) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Escaping Monsters (Grayhaven #1) audiobook free

Received ARC from one of the Authors for Honest Review. I Give this Book 2/5 Star Rating. Will I read more of this Series? No. (Haven’t Done one of these in a while: Word of the Day: WEIRD) This was a weird read for me, this book just didn’t work, and I’m honestly disappointed cause this books synopsis got my attention. But didn’t deliver at all. Cliffhanger(?): I Believe So, Yes. Relationship Type: Reverse Harem > MMFMMM Drama: 4/5 Suspense: *Head Scratching* I Can’t Rate This One Correctly For Some Reason… Dark(?): 2.5-3ish/5 (to me), other readers may think differently. I love dark books but this wasn’t that dark to me. Heat: 3 maybe 3.5/5 Romance: How about in its believability? 1.5-2/5 Did Characters Primarily Stay In Human Form(?): Yes. 90% Did Characters Shift into Wolves(?): Yes, but the guys did more than Teagen, and it’s overall not many scenes. But I do love wolf behavior. Pacing: it’s a bit faster than I was expecting. *Past memories should’ve been italicized that way it’s easier to spot the separation from present to past then back to present. I think the Huge Time Jump didn’t help at all, I really think it was a BIG Mistake. I really think it would’ve been a good idea for the reader to see Teagen from/at her weakest point from the very beginning. To see what her reaction was to her first shift, who taught her the life and history of being a werewolf or how did she gain some much knowledge, to witness the alleged HORROR she had to endure during her time with Kane and when she was able to get strong enough to escape, what happened to her during when she had runaway, AND THEN to the Present Day. The reader NEEDED to go through this with her, to SEE what happened to her. There’s things you shouldn’t have to learn AFTER the fact, the Reader should’ve been there WITH her during her trauma. So when SHE feels relief/freedom later on, the reader does as well. Just Listing vague things that happened to her didn’t help, if anything it/they needed way more explaining. I would’ve loved to see when she went from completely broken to the pretty much normal person she is now10 YEARS<, and what you are given or told is actually VERY vague or very confusing to fully understand. The Biggest side effect was that fact that I had a hard time believing that she was actually a Traumatized Victim, and that was a disappointment cause I couldn’t sympathize with her properly. One thing I found very weird: in all the time Kane has Teagen he seriously never tried to rape her? Really? For someone who forced Teagen to do monstrous things and terrified her with mind-games… and NON-CON wasn’t his thing? I can’t explain it other than in a movie term: I did feel like all the characters were ‘over’ acting. There’s quite a bit of Awkward/filler conversations. There’s some weird discrepancies and contradictions that just don’t make sense. Also, Wrong things were focused on, lots of things are going on and there’s way too much to absorb. And Way Too Many Things are Unanswered. I feel like this book was made to satisfy multiple readers: MC lovers, Rockstar/Musician Lovers, Werewolf Lovers, Paranormal Lovers etc. etc. Paranormal beings like the Succubus(s) for example were confusing. The shape shifting side effect as well as the healing side effect, it’s almost not worth being a werewolf. Even though it was a small part, It stood out as the weirdest moment in this book for me. I don’t need a weird awkward minor soap box moment of the ethical treat of animals. Seriously it’s a.. Paranormal. Fictional. World. With werewolves…WEREWOLVES. That moment wasn’t needed in the book at all, DID NOT at all need to be spot lighted. Good Grief. I just want a fictional world to escape into, and away from the toughness that is Reality.


Review #2

Escaping Monsters (Grayhaven #1) audiobook streamming online

This book is a promising start to a new series, but it’s weird. Not in the way that it’s crazy or unusual, but it’s not just… I don’t know, something’s amiss. It might just be because of this book’s particular take on “omega lore” but I can’t be sure. Right now I’m undecided if I’m going to read the next book or not, but I think I’m leaning towards continuing the series. However, that will not happen in the immediate future, but perhaps the ”near distant” one ?


Review #3

Audiobook Escaping Monsters (Grayhaven #1) by Alexa B. James Rita Stradling

I really enjoyed this story. The guys were all in from the get-go, which is something not often found in books nowadays. There is no bullying or abuse from the FMC or her guys. The story does suggest a good bit of abuse from the FMC\’s husband. That\’s right. She\’s married to a real creep and she DOES get with the guys while still married. If this is something you\’re completely against, you may want to pass on this one since she\’s still married to him at the end of book 1. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it.


Review #4

Audio Escaping Monsters (Grayhaven #1) narrated by Savannah Rivers

This one is a great read. Teagan’s character is broken but she found the strength to escape her life of hell. She now finds a new place and tries to find a way to trust others again. I can’t wait for book 2.


Review #5

Free audio Escaping Monsters (Grayhaven #1) – in the audio player below

This isn’t what I had anticipated. It’s not a bad story per-see, just kind of slow. The town and its inhabitants are pretty cool.


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