Evermore (Salvation #5.5)

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Evermore (Salvation #5.5) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Evermore (Salvation #5.5) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Evermore (Salvation #5.5) audiobook free

Did Corinne Michaels write this? Nobody even died. I kid. On a serious note, though, Evermore was a fantastic re-entry to the Salvation world. Its been a minute since Id read any of the books and while I did remember the broad strokes, it was good to have the refresher of who everyone was and how they all connected. Gretchen and Bens relationship was adorable and Im so happy we got to know their story.

Im a sucker for a good second-chance romance, especially one that began when they were just children and their first chance at love ended before it ever really started. Gretchen and Ben had such fantastic chemistry from the beginning, from the first second they reconnected the connection they shared was palpable. They had both been damaged by the people who should have cared for them most in the past; their reunion seemed fated.

I loved both Gretchen and Ben, and how they supported one another. The damages that had been done to them by their exes was profound and watching them slowly piece each of their broken parts back together. Their love was so pure and true; it was a thing of beauty to see them rediscover and nurture it into something vital and healing.

Evermore is a novella in Corinne Michaels Salvation series; it would most likely be billed as book 5.5. The Salvation series is a series of two duets and a standalone, which are all interconnected. The duets must be read in order, but otherwise, the stories dont have to be read in order. Evermore is written in dual first-person perspective, narrated by Gretchen and Ben.


Review #2

Evermore (Salvation #5.5) audiobook streamming online

Evermore by Author Corinne Michaels is a novella in the amazing Salvation Series. It is an interconnected series about Navy Seals and the women they love…strong women. This is Ben and Gretchens book. It is a wonderful story. So good, that dare I say I want to beg for more books in the series. If the author is reading this…pretty please!

Now, back to the book. Gretchen and Ben were best friends as children. When they reconnect as adults the sparks fly. The problem is that they have both been hurt by exes and life in general. They arent quick to trust what they feel or relationships in general. The push and pull and amazing chemistry between them is undeniable, even to them.

The love that they shared and built on is a thing of beauty. They raise each other up and fill in the cracks left by others.

I highly recommend this book and the series. Did I mention that if the author is reading this…more Salvation Series please? Whistles off to In The Navy by the Village people while mentally visualizing Fleet Week.


Review #3

Audiobook Evermore (Salvation #5.5) by Corinne Michaels

Ben and Gretchens story was perfect! I am so happy that Corinne has taken us back to the Salvation series boys! I feel like Gretchen could be one of my besties and Ben is just alpha swoon, sexy and sensitive, but also tough as nails.

This is a kind of second chance romance in a way, since they were childhood friends that Gretchen thought would turn into something more until Ben moves away. Now years later they see each other again when Gretchen goes to work for Cole Security where Ben happens to also work. It is obvious that there is instant chemistry between the two, but Gretchen has just suffered a humiliating left at the altar scenario, so the last thing she should be thinking about is jumping the all grown up, sexy as hell former Navy Seal.

Gretchen and Ben’s story was a pretty emotional one, with lots of events happening in the background while these two are getting to know each other again. We get to visit with all of the beloved guys from the series and their better halves. It was awesome to see Ashton again too, she is a hoot and a half! I can’t wait to get her story in the future!

For die hard fans of Corinne’s Salvation series, you are going to eat this novella up!


Review #4

Audio Evermore (Salvation #5.5) narrated by Jason Clarke Virginia Rose

5 Stars

Man! I didnt realize just how much Ive missed the gang from the Salvation series until now. I loved this quick novella and cant wait for more. Gretchen is the best friend of Catherine and Ashton and when her world gets rocked to its core when shes left at the altar, she finds herself starting fresh in Virginia Beach as the newest employee of Cole Security. What she didnt expect to find was her long lost crush from junior high. Benjamin Pryce has changed in all the right ways. Hes no longer the skinny kid who moved away because he was bullied. No, now hes the tall, dark and hot AF Navy SEAL who is now her co-worker. Even after all the time that has passed between them, the sparks still fly proving their chemistry is stronger than ever. I loved every page of this one. Both are broken in their own ways, but together they are whole and are perfect for each other. I loved the glimpse into whats next with Ashton and I cannot wait!! Evermore is a great addition to the Salvation series.

Angela – Alphas Do It Better Book Blog


Review #5

Free audio Evermore (Salvation #5.5) – in the audio player below

While it was nice to catch up with the gang from the Salvation series, I wish it would have been a full length book. With their short page count; novellas can be short in character development, as well as, relationship depth. Unfortunately, because Ben and Gretchen’s relationship progressed at warp speed, I found myself wanting more…. of everything. The whole magic of romance books is actually watching the characters fall in love and there simply wasn’t time to see them build that foundation. Instead, their teenage love was constantly reiterated, in an effort, to provide that foundation so their adult relationship could hit the ground running, so to speak. Also, I got tired of continually hearing about Gretchen’s list and Ben’s leg.


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