Falling for the Beast (A Modern Fairy Tale Duet)

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Falling for the Beast (A Modern Fairy Tale Duet) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Falling for the Beast (A Modern Fairy Tale Duet) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Falling for the Beast (A Modern Fairy Tale Duet) audiobook free

Really liked the first book in this duet but the second one dragged on and on with the same worries and problems as the first and only one added plot element (don\’t want to spoil it). She\’s fantastic at providing plenty of sex scenes but the plot was like beating a dead horse after the first book. I never give up on a book and I was ready to put this down at 60% but I kept reading and was rewarded with a stereotypical and blah ending.


Review #2

Falling for the Beast (A Modern Fairy Tale Duet) audiobook streamming online

This story was to be a modern take on a popular fairytale. While it is that with all the angst, \”feels\”, and deep emotional journey both characters must go through to reach their HEA together, I see several significant social issues woven in this story. I don\’t pretend to know if Skye intended this when the books were written, or if I\’m just more aware because of the horrific event that took place in my city of Virginia Beach last week. For me the story touched on relevant social issues such as a whole generation of men and women who will deal with the horrors of PTSD and it\’s effects on all who are close to them. Other issues include the inequality between the social classes and how there are those who still have little to no recourse when treated unfairly. Blake\’s mother and her treatment of Erin was a perfect example. I\’ll stop being \” maudlin\” as this is a book review not a social treatise. I started reading this duet thinking it\’s about a man that\’s reclusive because of his scars and the woman who essentially saves him. YES it\’s exactly that, but it\’s SO MUCH MORE! Skye Warren is an automatic 1-Click buy for me.


Review #3

Audiobook Falling for the Beast (A Modern Fairy Tale Duet) by Skye Warren

This is the same review I gave for Book 1 because, well, my opinion didn\’t change with Book 2. If anything, this book is worse. It doesn\’t bring an exciting conclusion to the Book 1 cliffhanger. Rather, it simply allows the Duet to fizzle out. I enjoy this author\’s books. In fact, I respect her writing so much that when given the opportunity to get the first one free (understanding that \”Duet\” means the story covers 2 books) I bought the second one at the same time. Again, out of respect for, and trust in, this author. I feel betrayed and I will not make this mistake again. The plot, (over 2 books) was so thin, it was seemingly created simply to connect sex scene after sex scene. The Skye Warren I read crafts a well developed story and weaves in meaningful, steamy sex appropriate to the entire fabric of the story. Not these. These books are in dire need of an editor who will blue line 80% of the sex as it is redundant, unnecessary and frankly boring; consolidate and enrich the plot and give us a solid Skye Warren-worthy standalone book.


Review #4

Audio Falling for the Beast (A Modern Fairy Tale Duet) narrated by Lia Langola Stephen Dexter

I usually love Skye Warrens books but this is not one of them. Nothing but boring. And the end??? Really Skye what kind of ending was that? Oh yeah not a ending at all. Its like she needed a few extra bucks the month she wrote this book. I think it took her maybe 10 minutes to write both books. I didn\’t head the warnings of other readers and wasted my hard earned money.


Review #5

Free audio Falling for the Beast (A Modern Fairy Tale Duet) – in the audio player below

The follow up to Erin and Blakes story was phenomenal. I loved this scarred and broken man. That Erin saw beyond the image and saw the man beneath. With college nearly over its been a struggle for them to stay apart. But Blakes reputation in the line (not that he gives a shit) hell do it for her. Erin doesnt care, its all him that she needs. These two and the connection they have is beautiful, strong and emotional. She calms the beast in him. With one more hurdle to go I was surprised but pleased with how it played out. He will never be fully healed the PTSD will stay with him forever but with Erin by his side he knows theyll get through it. Together. Yes I recommend this series. It moved quickly, kickass heroine and an alpha male. One who stood by her side.


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