Fatal Identity (Fatal #10)

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Fatal Identity (Fatal #10) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Fatal Identity (Fatal #10) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Fatal Identity (Fatal #10) audiobook free

One of my favorite series is the Fatal series! And yes it is a series that really does require you to read all the books in order to understand what is happening in some story lines– I have seen a few people say they were a little lost since they started mid series. I am loving how the relationship between Sam and Nick is growing with each book. This time a little scare goes a long way tot show them what they mean to each other and i loved reading about it. You also see Sam really start to grow with emotions as her Mother makes another appearance in the series. Sam and Nick continue their quest to keep things hot and heavy in the bedroom and Marie never lets us down there. As for the police story in this one.. I found it a little hard to believe at times ..which was actually a first with this series. it still kep me interested but was by far not my favorite of the series. Still a great read and will keep me coming back for more.


Review #2

Fatal Identity (Fatal #10) audiobook streamming online

Enjoyed being in touch with all the great characters in this series. Some of the story line is getting redundant though. Is there always going to be a fellow officer who is out to get her? Is Nick always going to be jealous of Avery? He seems to be insecure in his marriage. The storyline was great with it\’s twists and turns. Love Marie\’s writing but some of the sex scenes should be left to her other series by M.S. Force.


Review #3

Audiobook Fatal Identity (Fatal #10) by Marie Force

FATAL IDENTITY is another great addition to the Fatal series. When I started writing this review, I was shocked to realise that it had been two years since Id read my last Fatal book, FATAL FRENZY. It was good to reconnect not just with Sam and Nick, but with all the other characters from this series. I like that with the initial reappearance of each character, we get a quick rundown of their history from the previous books. That little refresher comes in handy because after four years and eleven books, its difficult trying to remember everything thats happened to everyone. That being said, I am getting sick of hearing about the Sam/Avery connection and the Sam/Archie fling. Ms Force, if youre not going to make something of these two things, please stop bringing them up. Ive read all the books in this series up to and including this one, and as with all the previous Fatal books, FATAL IDENTITY was an enjoyable read and one that was hard to put down. The case Sam works on was certainly interesting, although when the truth came out at the end, it was a little far-fetched. Thats not going to stop me from reading the next book though. FATAL IDENTITY is told in the POV of multiple characters, but it is mostly told in Sams. It can technically be read as a stand-alone, but I think understanding the characters and their relationships would be easier if youve read the entire series.


Review #4

Audio Fatal Identity (Fatal #10) narrated by Felicity Munroe

I am a long time fan of The Fatal Series and a long time fan of Romantic Suspense. In this genre, Sam and Nick are my absolute favorite book couple and have been since I discovered book 1 in 2010! Each book has made me love this couple more and more. Its hard to believe that this is book 10. I have read them all and they just keep getting better and better. It is so good to be back in the lives of Sam and Nick, catching up with everybody (\”Tinkerbell\” and Avery, Gonzo and Christina, Feddy and Elin, Celia and Skip, Angelia and Tracy) and \”glimpes\” of Scotty (who I adore). The crime aspect of this story is fantastic and so original. Some reviewers thought the story particulars were to farfetched to be believable, I disagree and I find the particulars very believable (although I would add not usual). Amoung the many things I love about Marie\’s writting is her ability to create very believable, three dimensional characters who are nonetheless flawed. In this series you continue to experience the on going growth of not only the principals but many of the secondary characters as well. These \”people\” become so real. They are alive. I really like the increase of hot sex scenes between all of the couples. Sex is a part of love and certinally a part of a relationship. The couples in this series are deeply committed to each other, deeply and passionatly in love. So the sex belongs, despite a few reviewer\’s objections!. I rated this book at 4.75 over all and assign it a sexy rating of 5+ (ala \”Deet\”). I rarely if ever rate a book at 5 but 4.75 is mighty close!! I have really enjoyed each book in this series and think that #10 might be the best yet! I just wish I didn\’t have to wait a year or longer for #11! Thank you Marie!!!!


Review #5

Free audio Fatal Identity (Fatal #10) – in the audio player below

First off – I do enjoy this series, even with some truck-sized holes in reality…. Hole #1: The Secret Service would NEVER allow the Vice President\’s wife to work as a Police Officer…from Commissioner on down to patrolman! From the moment Nick was announced as the President \’s new running mate, her career was DONE! That\’s not sexism, it\’s for her security and Nicks…for cryinoutloud, people SHOOT at her. Hole #2: \”No Senator, you may not go visit your wife at her latest crime scene.\” And that\’s just back when he was a senator. Hole #3: The Vice President and his family do not live in two connected houses in Georgetown…especially not with row houses semi connected on either side…yeah, that security thing again. On the flip side, character development is AWESOME! Nick especially…hey, if he weren\’t still all beady-eyed at Avery, he\’d be perfect, and there is no quicker way to bore your readers to death. Scotty is a sweetie, and for all those people who think he\’s got to turn into a axe murderer just because he\’s adopted? PTHPTTTH! My favorite character is the little pink wedding planner….I love that she is a total southern belle, and tough enough to both run her own business, and wear pink….does anyone else see her as Kristen Chenoweth?


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