Fate of Devotion (Finding Paradise #2)

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Fate of Devotion (Finding Paradise #2) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Fate of Devotion (Finding Paradise #2) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Fate of Devotion (Finding Paradise #2) audiobook free

I really enjoyed the second book and conclusion to the Finding Paradise series. If you haven\’t read Fate of Perfection, you absolutely need to before starting this one as they\’re not designed as standalones. The book starts on Paradise five years after Ryker and Millicent fled Earth. They\’ve several more children and have made a happy life in on their new planet. Millicent has taken a change in career but still dabbles in technology and finally thinks she\’s solved the mystery of the metal orb that they found in the Toton building in Book 1. If she\’s right, the danger it represents threatens their peaceful life and their family\’s future, leading Ryker and Millicent to venture back to Earth in order to quell the rising threat that Toton presents. Earth is in chaos with many of its former conglomerate leaders dead or in hiding and Toton ruling with an iron fist with the occasional disruption from the rebellion. With Marie, their daughter, defiantly travelling with them, they seek the one person they know is brilliant enough to help them: Millicent\’s sister. With a crew of rebels, Ryker and Millicent work with their allies to try and stop Toton and the mysterious forces behind the powerful conglomerate. There was more solid world-building in this book. Breene gives the invaders an affinity to creepy crawlies and while this was strange, it gave a unique spin to the story. Most of this book is set on Earth so unfortunately there wasn\’t a lot of Paradise but the story line hit the ground running and didn\’t stop until the end. There was Breene\’s customary strong females, alpha males that aren\’t jerks (all the time – Ryker had his moments but he was so likeable it was forgivable), a stack of humour, particularly of the dry and sarcastic variety, plenty of action and a well thought out plot, witty and clever writing and dialogue and a couple that you\’re cheering for. Some of the elements were similar to Book 1 where Ryker and Millie were against the world and back in LA, but the story was fast-paced with enough going on that the story line remained entertaining as our fearsome couple put their lives on the line to take on the other-worldly threat. There were more points of view added to Book 2, including Roe, Trent and Danissa (Millie\’s sister). This is one thing among many that I love about this author\’s work – the secondary characters are almost, if not just as, good as the main characters. Trent was hilarious, Roe was dry and tough as nails and Danissa added another strong female to the mix. I also love how Breene has her female characters working together and supporting one another rather than competing forces. Overall, this was a great conclusion to an excellent series. It was a little over the top and muddled at times as some events happened quickly, but for the most part the build up was wonderful, as was the action and suspense. My only disappointment is that this series was so brief. I loved it and it\’s going into my Favourites folder.


Review #2

Fate of Devotion (Finding Paradise #2) audiobook in series Finding Paradise

It\’s a Sci Fi chase book series of 2, so far. The characters live in a Brave New World meets The Foundation by way of Weapons shops. Dystopian techie book. Not enough development of the Co glomorate world and how it got to be the way it is, character development etc. Too much in a hurry to get to ray guns and chase scenes. The robots and siege scenes are right out of the Mines of Moria. Metal orcs. I like the writing style and the characters could be interesting if the author was more patient about back story. I fear it is the market which drives this impatience, but seems like it could have been richer and more interesting with fewer blank spots and more info about culture, people, and Paradise itself.


Review #3

Audiobook Fate of Devotion (Finding Paradise #2) by K.F. Breene

I\’m an avid Breene fan, and although I\’m not a fan of Sci-Fi, I gave this series a try just because I love her writing style. Her wit and banter and powerful female characters are a large driving force for many of her readers and this series follows those same footsteps. Of all of her books, Millicent seems weaker than many of her heroines, but she still has a unique strength to her. She\’s a force to be reckoned with, but just doesn\’t have the same pizzazz as her other other characters. I don\’t know WHY there is so much backlash for these series; especially for the \”romance\” aspect of these books. There is hardly any romance to them! There are plenty of innuendos mentioned, but no sex scenes. It\’s almost boring in that aspect really. It\’s also disappointing that the publisher won\’t release the rights to the books so that she can finally complete the series. Very very disappointing. It\’s surprising to me since there are over 1000 reviews on here. Despite the series being complete, this book does a good job tying up some loose ends and solving at least part of the mystery.


Review #4

Audio Fate of Devotion (Finding Paradise #2) narrated by Angela Dawe

Wow! what a great story! It was fast paced and I caught myself reading faster because it just seemed fitting with all the action and I loved it! There is definitely a lot going on but I was able to dive right in as if I had just finished reading Fate of Perfection. Her books are so well written and such great fun to read. I also have so many questions. I want to learn more about Trent and the kids. I also need Millicent and hot stuff Ryker and more Danissa and Dagger! It was nice to see a human side to all of them. I would have liked a certain character to continue on but looking back it fit the story. Paradise and it\’s future leaders will be busy. This is really an incredible world K.F. Breene has built in this series and it has so many possibilities. I really think there is enough here for several books *wink *wink. Do yourself a favor and read Fate of Perfection and then this awesome book. Actually read ALL of her books! I recommend every single one!!


Review #5

Free audio Fate of Devotion (Finding Paradise #2) – in the audio player below

I gave this book 4 stars because there really isn\’t anything wrong with the writing or the story line. It\’s just not my kind of genre. I wouldn\’t really call it romance. It was more a futuristic apocalypse type story. I had a hard time connecting with the characters and caring. Again, this probably isn\’t due to the writing but my own dislike of the story line. I have read many other stories by this author and have loved them. So I\’m sure it deserves 4 stars even though I didn\’t care for it.


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