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Finish Audiobook

Finish is a book on career success. This book is written and narrated by Jon Acuff. He is a motivational speaker and also a bestselling author of nonfictional books. He has written a total of six books so far where Soundtracks is one of them. Another good book from the author is Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job & Your Dream Job.

The narration of this book done by Jon Acuff was quite perfectly done. As he is a motivational speaker as well so he knows how to connect with the audience and what tone to be used. His energy as expected was quite phenomenal as well for the book.


Jon Acuff or all of us is a friend who would always give you a good advice. He is known for his excellent charm and self-deprecating humor which he has also used in this book. He has won the hearts of his countless followers especially those who approach him with encouragement, motivation and also getting a kick in the pants. After showing you now that how one could reboot the career, the author shows all of the chronic starters that how one could actually finish up all of their goals. All this needs to be done with goals attainment in the era of endless opportunities and bottomless distractions.

Free Audiobook Finish

Acuff is very much familiar with the reason that why novels from many writers go unfinished. It is the same reason as with gyms which are fully occupied in the first week of the year and are empty towards the end. The author beautifully draws all of his fans to the popular 30 Days Hustle course of his. He teaches people about short circuit perfectionism and to take things through to their end.

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