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Flirtasaurus audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Flirtasaurus audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Flirtasaurus audiobook free

This book is just not for me. I couldn\’t even finish it. I still have about 3 hours left and I\’m willing to bet I won\’t be missing much. There were so many issues with this book, I don\’t even know where to begin. First, what 6 year old now days walks around talking about gender preference and gets upset when categorized as either boy or girl? I back the LGBTQ+ community 100% but I found it extremely hard to believe that a 6 year old would make comments about how some of her peers may not identify as either male or female and get upset when the class is addressed with \”Alright boys and girls\”. Second, Calliope made plenty of references about how females use the word sorry as a filler and say it way too much so she decided that instead of saying sorry, she would say \”f*** you, what\” in it\’s place. She even slipped during a meeting with her well-esteemed supervisor and said \”f*** you, what,\” and then apologizes for the slip, explains why she said it and how the word sorry is a filler and then her supervisor is completely okay with it. This of course is after her supervisor tells Calliope she has en eyebrow problem after which Calliope goes on this rant towards her supervisor about sexism and what not. Also, during one of the conversations Calliope has with Ralph, she goes on and on about how the English language has so many words that she doesn\’t understand why people won\’t use the words they actually mean. So you mean to tell me out of the entire English language, \”f*** you, what\” is the ONLY thing this character could come up with to replace, \”I\’m sorry, what?\” Third, during an overnight camp out at the museum which Calliope was in charge of chaperoning, she and Ralph end up getting high on shrooms and start doing messing around in the exhibit Calliope was hired to work on. This is admittedly where I stopped listening. After listening to a very annoying Calliope excitedly go on about the big \”condom moment\”, I just couldn\’t take it anymore. Do they end up having sex? Will they get caught? Did the camera\’s end up getting installed earlier than expected? At this point, I couldn\’t care less. The way that both Calliope and Ralph acted was ridiculous. I work with dozens of Scientists, Marine Biologists, and other scholarly individuals are I\’m simply glad none of them act the way these two do. Overall this book was a giant disappointment. I read the reviews and thought I\’d give it a try because they all seemed so positive but it\’s obviously just not for me. I can\’t even blame it on my age either. I\’m only 30 and I still found this book hard to listen to. 37 people found this helpful


Review #2

Flirtasaurus audiobook streamming online

What could be better than listening to your favorite audiobook narrator…listening to her narrate a book she wrote!! Seriously Erin Mallon\’s talent knows no bounds, she is not only a great narrator but now we find out she is an awesome writer too!! After finishing her debut novel, it\’s seriously hard to believe this is Erin\’s first book. This book is so funny from beginning to end. I can honestly say I have never laughed this much in one book. The characters are so original and quirky you can\’t help but love them all. Calliope\’s best trait is her inability to filter, she opens her mouth and her thoughts poor out (and usually at the worst possible moment lol). Ralph was a perfect match for her because even though he has a filter and wasn\’t so crazy, he balanced her out and was the exact things she needed. From their meet-cute, he just rolled with her crazy and got her completely. I can say that I will be quoting from this book for a long time because there were so many great scenes & lines. The writing has the perfect mix of wit and humor that it makes this so much more than a romantic comedy. This book is everything i wanted it to be and so much more! 30 people found this helpful


Review #3

Audiobook Flirtasaurus by Erin Mallon

Reviewing books you LOVED is hard; you don’t want to be too gushy that people think you’re over doing it. But you want to be gushy enough to show just how much you loved the book. I loved this book no joke I was laughing to the point of tears and I can honestly say that has only happened a handful of times. What it did have was awesome and relatable characters. Romance genre is my jam and this book had all the things I love –memorable meet cute, awkward get to know you, unforgettable characters, great supporting characters, funny one liners, passion, relatability, and the HEA. It is a make your heart happy kind of book which I feel like we need right now. Erin’s narration is perfect as always. I especially liked that each character has their own quirks and voices it just really added to the audio. Give it that extra dimension, I can’t wait for Mabel’s story! 15 people found this helpful


Review #4

Audio Flirtasaurus narrated by Erin Mallon

I skipped a lot of chapters. It was so slow and pointless. Very disappointed. Under developed characters. The heroine wasn’t that like able and the fact that they said this was a romantic comedy is false. People’s thoughts are humorous, but the key to a good romantic comedy is everyone else that experiences it. Also, ones thoughts may seem humorous to them but are so off the mark for everyone else that it should be billed as an autobiography rather than a romantic comedy. Nothing to laugh at here. 13 people found this helpful


Review #5

Free audio Flirtasaurus – in the audio player below

I wanted to love it, dont know, just felt pointless and forced. can see how someone else enjoys this 8 people found this helpful


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