Forever My Saint (All The Pretty Things #3)

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Forever My Saint (All The Pretty Things #3) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Forever My Saint (All The Pretty Things #3) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Forever My Saint (All The Pretty Things #3) audiobook free

I have no words. This was one of the most epic trilogies I think I have ever read. Monica James deserves one million stars for this one. Forever My Saint dives right back into the crazy world that Willow has found herself thrust into. Willow is even more of a fighter in this story than the previous two, and she was a freaking warrior in the first two books. She is fearless, and will stop at nothing to save the people she loves. When Saints sister Zoey lets her know that Saint is in fact alive, she will do whatever it takes to save him. As much as Zoey and Willow hate each other, their end game is the same, get Saint back. Their plan isnt full proof, but nothing is. Will their plan work, or is Saint lost to Willow forever? From the very beginning of this book, it was like the words were jumping off of the page and grabbing me, I couldnt put it down. I didnt want this book to end, but I needed to know how things were going to play out. The best part about this book was how unpredictable it was. I had no idea what was going to be thrown our way next. Monica James truly has a gift. She left me thirsting for more after the first two books in this trilogy, but Forever My Saint is hands down my favorite book in the series (and I LOVED the first two). In this book we come full circle. The growth between all of the characters from the first book until this one was amazing, and to watch Saint and Willows love for each other grow with each book, honestly it was breathtaking to me. To see how everything comes together and how every moment was going to play out was nothing short of amazing. Hands down one of the best books and trilogies of the year!


Review #2

Forever My Saint (All The Pretty Things #3) audiobook streamming online

3.5 stars Forever My Saint is book 3 in the All The Pretty Things Trilogy and the end of Saint and Willow\’s story. First I must say that I am so happy I took a chance on this new to me author because I loved her story telling and her writing. Unfortunately this book left me disappointed and wanting. The beginning was heartbreaking, the condition Willow finds Saint in broke my heart. Saint is just a shell of who he was, he has been beaten, violated, and humiliated. I think the worst thing for me is the shame he carries. That part really got to me and how one\’s body can betray them. Now all this takes place till around 37% so the next part is slow and just blah to me. I was really disappointed in how the bad guys met their end especially Drew who didn\’t deserve the ending he got. I wish the Epilogue was the last chapter in the book and the Epilogue I would have wanted was a look into the future but that\’s just the romantic in me. I still don\’t know how I feel about Alek but I do look forward to his story. Overall I thought this trilogy was very enjoyable especially if you want to dip your toes in a darkish story.


Review #3

Audiobook Forever My Saint (All The Pretty Things #3) by Monica James

OMGOSHHHH!!!! I feel like I have been waiting an eternity to read the final book. What heartstopping EPIC finale to an amazing series! This book was EVERYTHING and so much more than I expected!! My poor poor heart, I don\’t think it stopped racing the entire I was reading. So much happens in the last book the action never stopped, so many twists and turns I never saw coming. Monica James didn\’t just write a good book, she wrote a story that embedded itself into my heart and soul and will stay there long after I have read it. Even though I loved the whole series this is hands down my favorite book of the series. I loved watching/reading Willow come into her own and come back more determined and stronger than ever to save the love of her life. For once the savior needs to be saved. She quite literally \”woman\’s the f*** up\” and gets s*** done. My poor Saint, broken and abused and so lost. I didn\’t think it was possible to fall for that man any harder, but I\’ll be damned if I didn\’t.


Review #4

Audio Forever My Saint (All The Pretty Things #3) narrated by Yvonne Syn

I read all three in this series….WTH happened to the final one? I am so disappointed that I paid for this. The first book hooked me from the beginning. The second book was good but got a little repetitive towards the end but was still good enough for me to buy the final one. It was terrible. Woe is me….Willow. I got so tired of her sob story about it being her fault, etc. I actually skipped most of it and read only the dialog parts just to get to the end and OMG I was so angry with the sloppy ending. Just NO!!!!!


Review #5

Free audio Forever My Saint (All The Pretty Things #3) – in the audio player below

(reposted from my Goodreads account) I blew through this third book within the same day. Nothing else was getting done until I find out what happens. This one is definitely darker compared to the previous two. I got mad. I had anxiety and ugly cried. Look. I fell in love with these characters. I didn\’t want the story to end. I wanted to go on a mission with them to break down doors, get in catfights, rescue people, submit to powerful hot men, and blow crap up. Just so bummed to see the end. But I guess that\’s what the spinoff is for. And yes, I\’ve already downloaded. I\’ve read about a ton of love triangles, but I have to say, this one was different. Alek\’s kindness and sweet heart towards Willow is just so unexpected and I can see how that plays with her feelings. But it\’s Willow\’s actions that speak louder than words, and they both are sacrificing themselves to save each other. This time Saint is in awful trouble, seeing what it\’s like as the slave and there were some scenes that were really hard to read. He had it waaaay worse than Willow ever did. Ugh. Hell, I wanted to rescue him myself. I also liked the mystery side of this story. How people had ulterior motives and the abrupt change in plans kept me on my toes and at the edge of my seat. This third book gave me anxiety, as I was really worried what was going to happen. And yes, ugly crying was a must. I can\’t say enough how much I loved this trilogy. It went straight to my favorites and I\’ll cherish it. It really checked all my boxes and then some. So much of this story was jam packed with exciting and emotional moments. Lots of twists and turns and cliff hangers. And any book that has me up until 4am, thinking about how it all went down is definitely a GOOD BOOK. Thanks Monica James, for the ride and a glimpse into Willow & Saint\’s amazing story! now onto Alek…..


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