Forever Princess (The Princess Diaries #10)

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Forever Princess (The Princess Diaries #10) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Forever Princess (The Princess Diaries #10) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Forever Princess (The Princess Diaries #10) audiobook free

Ah the end, kind of… I know Meg Cabot has another book in this series but this was the original end of the series and it only kind of felt like it. BUT I LOVED IT. Mia finally gets it together and does things for herself. She determines what she wants after high school and goes for it and I am so proud of her – is that weird to say about a character? oh well I am. In this final (kind of) installment, we catch up with Mia in her senior year of high school, so a few years were skipped but in the book the reasoning is good – she hasn\’t been keeping a journal so thus no Diary entries for us to read. Instead she has been working on her senior project and just handling life. Mia decides that she is going to become a writer no matter what and so her project is a romance novel and under a pen name she sends it out to be published. Then there is her own romance with J.P., he seems like a great choice, well until Michael comes back and pretty much sweeps her off her feet. So she has to make a few life decisions and pick a college too. Even through all of her stress Mia handles everything pretty well and it all falls into place as it should for a princess. This was a wonderful end to Mia\’s high school diaries and I am very curious how the next book will pick up.


Review #2

Forever Princess (The Princess Diaries #10) audiobook streamming online

The final book in this teenage fairy tale is just as much an addictive guilty pleasure as the previous, showcasing the growth of this very real young woman and her finally growing into the princess (not just with the tiaras, but the grace and power and wisdom and benevolence that goes along with it) that she was always meant to be. Of course, before she gets there, she has to deal with choosing a college, her father\’s election (as she\’s brought democracy to her country), trying to get her romance novel published, and–of course–her too-perfect boyfriend while the love of her life returns to town. While the book is just juicy fun and guilty pleasure, the writing perfectly captures the voice and character of a real and wonderful young woman, not only a great role model, but also one that can be identified with. While it is a silly fairy tale, it is true to the nature of heroism. Grade: A


Review #3

Audiobook Forever Princess (The Princess Diaries #10) by Meg Cabot

Keatyn Chronicles author Jillian Dodd posted on FB last week how much she loved this series, so I bought it and read it over the weekend. Thanks, Jillian!! I love this New York world with commoners and royals, as seen through the POV of Mia Thermopolis, age seventeen turning eighteen in this book. This series finale, which takes place the spring of Mia\’s senior year, features senior prom, finals, college acceptance letters and those choices, the wild west therapist Dr. Knutz and his horse allegories, Grandmere tracking Mia down to the therapist\’s waiting room, a campaign for PM of Genovia, a royal 18th birthday party, senior projects and. . .the return of Michael from Japan. I could not put it down. I did try. My favorite line: \”Hey, quit sniffing me a minute and lift up your head.\” -Michael


Review #4

Audio Forever Princess (The Princess Diaries #10) narrated by Clea Lewis

Meg Cabot did a good job in ending the Princess Diaries Series. The book took place during Princess Mia\’s senior year of highschool. All of Mia\’s friends seem to have settle their plans for the future and are looking forward to graduatation. However, Mia is still very confused about her future and her relationship with JP. Cabot didnot change Mia\’s personality in the Last book. Mia still lacks self confidence and is clueless about the obvious but that just Mia. There was some flaws in the book. To me, Cabot only gave Mia confidence when things went her way. It took other people around Mia to make Mia feel good about herself. I felt that Cabot should have let Mia fix her self-esteem by herself because it is called self-esteem. I was very happy with the ending and I am going to miss this series.


Review #5

Free audio Forever Princess (The Princess Diaries #10) – in the audio player below

High school is winding up, but what is a Princess to do? Should she go to one of the many universities to which she (secretly) has been accepted? Should she \”do it\” with JP? (The answer is no — if you aren\’t mature enough to discuss the issue with your boyfriend, you aren\’t mature enough to have sex.) And Michael is back in town and very available to her. Preparing for the next chapter (sorry about the pun) in the Princess Mia saga, this book deals with a lot of issues facing young women in their high school years.


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