Four Past Midnight

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Four Past Midnight audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Four Past Midnight audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Four Past Midnight audiobook free

Audible will you PLEASE address these audio issues!?!? Your app is an AUDIO APP, please give users more audio control. Volume boost is a must! This has always been one of my favorites of Kings short story anthologies. Ive read it cover to cover many times. I was looking forward to listening to it while I putter around. But with this terrible audio quality and no way to boost the volume, I had to return it. For my purposes, it was unlistenable. The audio has a noticeable hiss throughout the entire recording. This, I realize, is a product of the original recording process and the low fi equipment that may have been used. However, the volume is so low that with my ear buds in and the volume, on both my pods and iPhone turned up to maximum, I still cant hear the narration while working, jogging, driving, or even walking through a busy grocery store. AUDIBLE DEVELOPERS, please give us users more control of the audio features of the app. Give us VOLUME BOOST, give us a user customizable equalizer. Give us something to deal with the sometimes low quality of the audio recordings. This is the 4th or 5th book Ive had to return because the audio was just so low that I couldnt listen to the book while being active. I suppose if you just sat still in a quiet room and listened to your audible content, this would be ok. But if you prefer to listen while you are active at all, this lack of audio control is a total bummer. I have excellent hearing, I cant even guess how discouraging this would be for the hearing impaired. And yes, I have gone to iPhone settings and messed with the EQ settings, Late Night Mode, etc , the volume is still too low. VOLUME BOOST FOR THE PEOPLE!!!


Review #2

Four Past Midnight audiobook streamming online

The sound quality of this production is horrendous. Reminds me of audio tapes from the eighties. Clearly Simon & Schuster were out to make a quick buck by converting old recordings to digital format without polishing up the quality in any way. Unfortunate, as the stories are quite good and the readings even superb. Willem Dafoe is a treat if you can ignore the background noise.


Review #3

Audiobook Four Past Midnight by Stephen King

at first I was hesitant to get this, not because I didn\’t think this book was going to be good but because of all the negative reviews I read about the quality of the audio and the music. I found that the quality was just fine and the voice-over actors were exceptional, Willem Dafoe especially. while the music doesn\’t add anything to the stores, I did not find it nearly as troubling as some other people. I enjoyed this collection immensely and after each story I kept thinking well it\’s going to be really hard to top of that and yet there was another story right after that was just as good. I knew The Langoliers and Secret Window already the sun dog and the library policeman we\’re new to me and they were fantastic.


Review #4

Audio Four Past Midnight narrated by James Woods Ken Howard Willem Dafoe

4 novellas by King. One Past Midnight: The Langoliers narrated by Willem Dafoe. Not my fave, but better than the movie. Two Past Midnight: Secret Window, Secret Garden , narrated by James Woods. Even better than the movie adaption starring Johnnie Depp. Three Past Midnight: The Library Policeman, narrated by the late Ken Howard. Interesting and unpredictable. Four Past Midnight: The Sun Dog, narrated by Tim Sample. Another great, exciting and unpredictable. I enjoyed listening to all four stories. Worth the time , especially for Stephen King fans.


Review #5

Free audio Four Past Midnight – in the audio player below

I read this book many years ago. I listened for \”The Library Policeman\”. The first time I read this story it affected me deeply. The library is one of my favorite places and to have that place made so terrifying to a child blew my mind. It didn\’t pack quite the same punch now. I still enjoyed it and the other stories.


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