Get Rich, Lucky Bitch

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Get Rich, Lucky Bitch Audiobook

Get Rich, Lucky Bitch is a career success book. It tells about releasing all of your money blocks and then live a top-class life. The author of this book is Denise Duffield-Thomas. She is the money mentor associated with the new wave of immensely successful online entrepreneurs.

These are the ones who are looking to make money and eventually change the entire world. She helps a range of women by charging premium prices and manages to let go of the fear of money while creating for them First Class lives. Through her Chillpreneur business development book, you will get some really good and successful business-related ideas. Her Lucky Bitch book is also good with the persona development matters. The narration of this book is also done by Denise Duffield-Thomas.

Get Rich, Lucky Bitch

More than the narration, it was the poor audio editing of this book that made it barely audible. The narrator was heard repeating herself multiple times which was quite distracting for the audience and must have been edited out.

It is quite weird to know that the most skillful women in the world are believed to be those who struggle to earn well from all of their talents. In this book, you will get to know about all the tools and the actual inspiration needed to reach the next level of money. All this is applicable whether you are starting anew or looking to break through your million-dollar wealth.

Denise herself has been through all the roller coaster of finances and her experience and knowledge matters.

Free Audiobook Get Rich, Lucky Bitch

This book will attract people to have a money mindset. There are some impressive new exercises and you would be looking to go on the millionaire lifestyle.

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