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Going, Going, Ganache audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Going, Going, Ganache audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Going, Going, Ganache audiobook free

Going, Going, Ganache is the 5th book in the Cupcake Bakery Mysteries written by Jenn McKinlay. I’ve read several of the author’s other series and now I’m catching up on this one with ~10 more books to go. Set in Arizona and focused on a trio of besties who run a cupcake bakery, there’s tons of romance and investigating in the collection. A magazine has included their store in a new spread, but things go awry. To fix some damage, Mel, Tate and Angie agree to a cupcake baking boot camp for the magazine’s key team members… then one ends up dead! Laughed a lot. Great characterization. Strong mystery but a surprise with the whodunnit. And lots of side story / romance changes!!!

Review #2

Going, Going, Ganache audiobook Series Cupcake Bakery Mystery

This book starts with the giggles, and ends with the same. Oh, there’s a good mystery in-between, plus a lot of life changes for Mel, Angie, Tate and “dear Joe.” This series should be read in order since the lives of those main characters boomerang from novel-to-novel.

Mel and Angie’s chance to be featured in Southwest Style Magazine (Fairy Tale Cupcakes — their shop in Scottsdale) go awry from page one. Sprinkle in a murder, lots of laughs, excellent character development, and Ms. McKinlay has herself another winner in this book. Recommend the series!

Review #3

Audiobook Going, Going, Ganache by Jenn McKinlay

Melanie Cooper and Angie DeLaura hope that being featured in Southwest Style Magazine will bring some more business to Fairy Tale Cupcakes. They thought it would be just a one day photo shoot; they weren’t expecting to have to spend a week with the staff of the magazine but end up doing so, making cupcakes with them for a charity event. Things are tense from the start and become even tense or when a member of the magazine staff is murdered. Once again Melanie is involved in a murder case but this will prove to be the most dangerous case yet.

“Going, Going, Ganache” is the nicely done fifth book in Jenn McKinlay’s Cupcake Bakery cozy mystery series. There is a lot going on in this book that makes it especially fun to read. The first thing I really like about this series are the characters. Melanie, Angie, Tate, and the others are all richly written characters who care for each of the matter what happens. I don’t want to give away too much of what happens but I do want to say that Melanie’s insecurities are especially well done in this book (even if I did want to shake her a few times!) There are many complicated relationships in this book (and series) and a surprise one – I look forward to see what happens to them in the next book. The interactions can be childish at times (a cupcake fight really?) but there is a nice bit at the end that may change that. The second thing I like is the Cupcake Bakery setting. Having the magazine staff work there is a nice touch and gives a good behind the scenes look at the work involved in owning a bakery. And finally I loved the mystery aspects of the book. The book is well plotted with plenty of suspects and I had fun trying to figure out who the killer was. There is also a real sense of danger in the book and there is a particularly tense scene near the end of the book.

Review #4

Audio Going, Going, Ganache narrated by Susan Boyce

In this fifth novel of the yummy series, A Cupcake Bakery Mystery, we find our resident sleuth’s and bakers, Melanie Cooper and Angie Delaura busily baking and trying to look ‘yummy’ during a photo-shoot by Southwest Style Magazine. The shoot goes awry and the ladies end up in a cupcake fight with their nemisis, Olivia. How did she find out about the article? Well, that is just one of the minor mysteries this book covers.

In order to calm the loses the magazine has, the owner and Tate Harper (silent partner of the cupcake bakery, Fairy Tale Cupcakes, devise a plan to create a ‘cupcake boot-camp’ for the magazine staff and poor Mel and Angie. Nothing goes as planned, especially when a disliked features writer ends up dead outside the bakery doors. Turns out to be the second mystery.

Then there is the mystery of who will win Mel’s heart…This was a heavy part of the book and at times overran the main mystery. I might have categorized this novel as a Romantic Suspense tale this go round.

Review #5

Free audio Going, Going, Ganache – in the audio player below

When I see a book is coming out in this series, I always look forward to it. I just love everything about this series. The characters, the plot, the twists, and of course the recipes.

In this go around, Mel and Angie are hosting a “Cupcake Bootcamp” for a local magazine, and not everyone is happy to be here, that includes Mel and Angie. As the story unfolds, a body is found near Mel’s Cupcake store, and it’s up to Mel, and her usual gang to solve the murder. Unfortunately, the killer is there to get rid of anyone that gets in their way. That’s all I really want to say about the plot of the book, anything more wold be a spoiler.

This really has a lot of great elements to it. The characters are funny, and I love Olivia, even though she’s a “bad guy”, one just can’t help but to laugh. I also love Mel, Angie, and Oz. It’s such a Motley Crew, you can’t help but to want to read about them.

There was one part that I might have a small issue with. The series could be heading into a direction that could have some concern for me. I can’t say what, because it could be a spoiler, but I want to reserve judgement until this plot line is hashed out, and we as the readers will see where it’s going.

This is a really good series, and if you’ve read the book in the series, put o this one, then you will know what to expect. I can’t wait for the next one to come out.

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