Hard to Love (Hard to Love #1)

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Hard to Love (Hard to Love #1) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Hard to Love (Hard to Love #1) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Hard to Love (Hard to Love #1) audiobook free

I wasn\’t a fan of the format. Starts with one scene and then the remaining part of the book is everything that led up to it. Near the end it fast forwards to years after the first scene and ends in a cliff hanger. I will have to read the next book before I finalize my review on this… as of right now the book just left me feeling a little hollow and detached. Hoping the to next book changes that


Review #2

Hard to Love (Hard to Love #1) audiobook streamming online

Up until now there hasn\’t been much known about Seth except that he\’s a loyal trusted part of the Cross brothers inner circle. What wasn\’t known was that when he was young he ran a crew on the West coast that not only tried to clean up their city, but also run it to their money making advantage.During this time he fell in love with a girl named Laura, and she with him. Anyone who has read Jase Cross and Bethany\’s story remembers Laura\’s name as she was Bethany\’s friend. What wasn\’t known was that while the young Laura loved Seth she was so traumatized by certain events and death, that when she couldn\’t get him to leave that type of life she left to try and start over. When she left she not only took Seth\’s soul with her, but she stole something from him that he desperately needed to continue his war. As this first story ends many years have passed and somehow Seth is on the East coast working for the Cross brothers, but he discovers Laura. This story takes the reader through a multitude of not only bad but sad situations. As the reader you feel bad for Seth, but it\’s also easy to see how his young cocky arrogant attitude didn\’t allow him to see how fragile and hurt a young Laura was. This story plays on all your emotions and now time has past, Seth is emotionally harder and colder, what is he going to do with Laura now that he\’s found her again. A part of him hates her for leaving him and taking something that belonged to him. The final book in their story could go so many ways, afterall he\’s still in the life. Laura has finally made a quiet life for herself, all be it what seems like a lonely one from the bits and pieces we read about her in Jase and Bethany\’s story. I\’m completely intrigued by this story, I thought nothing could get darker and more complicated than Carter and Aria\’s story. I have a feeling that Willow will has out done herself this time, if that\’s even possible. I can\’t recommend this story highly enough.


Review #3

Audiobook Hard to Love (Hard to Love #1) by Bill Klatte

Oh my you will not want to miss this book! Heartwrenching twists that make you feel like you are with the characters and share their emotions!


Review #4

Audio Hard to Love (Hard to Love #1) narrated by Megan Mitchell

5 ADDICTIVE STARS!! I am so addicted to Seth and Laura\’s story….I could not put this book down. This story is intense, fast paced, page turning with all the feels from the first word to the last word. My emotions were all over the place. Willow Winters takes us on a dark intense ride that you will never forget. You definitely need to 1-Click this book.


Review #5

Free audio Hard to Love (Hard to Love #1) – in the audio player below

\’Connor lifts his beer and Derrick and I follow suit as he starts our toast. Heres to the money, the dirty and the clean. Derrick goes next. Heres to the women, the ones who please us and the ones who make us scream. I finish it out. And heres to chaos, may we make that b**** our queen. ~Seth~ Seth. Been kind of wanting a Seth book for ages. Since I first read him in the Merciless series. It was something about him that draws you in. He does not disappoint. Seth lives up to every bit of the intensity you get off of him (even in the small doses it\’s there) in the previous books. You don\’t have to read the Merciless or Irresistible Attraction series to read this one, but I\’d recommend it, just for character sake, and for future books. But really…. Seth. \”Seth has some sort of magic over me. I dont know what it is. The moment Im in his vicinity, Im a puppet for him. Whatever he commands, I do. Whatever he tells me, I believe. My body bends to his and I love it.\” ~Laura~ I am so in love with Seth, and can not wait for more from him and Laura. When you first meet him in the Merciless series, you only get a taste of him, and it was a taste I liked, and I hoped he\’d get a book. So, so glad he did. He is so much more than I expected. I never expected all this, but I really should have it being one of this authors characters, and the fact that he has to stand up with none other than the Cross brothers. And Sebastian. Can\’t forget him. Either way, Seth has to be tough, and I have to admit, underestimated him. Shocked. Sorry Jase. I belong to Seth now. \”Its my fault. I knew who Seth was, I just never thought that there wouldnt be a way for our lives to fit together. It was always so perfect, so easy. He was my everything.\” ~Laura~ Seth has some serious stuff going on, and Laura is the only thing keeping him on the somewhat good side. And somewhat sane. All Laura wants is a normal life, and to be a nurse. Kind of hard when your boyfriend (so not a boy) runs the toughest crew in town. This book is all kind of drama, feels, and intrigue. The emotion alone between these two will keep you hooked. I can\’t say enough how much I loved Seth and Laura\’s story. I can\’t wait to read more from these two. Absolute recommend.


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