Hidden Creek Darkness (Hidden Creek High #3)

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Hidden Creek Darkness (Hidden Creek High #3) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Hidden Creek Darkness (Hidden Creek High #3) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Hidden Creek Darkness (Hidden Creek High #3) audiobook free

With the unexpected but inevitable breakup, Aira has changed. She\’s hard and cynical. She\’s become someone she\’d never wanted to be. Hidden has changed her and not for the better. Oh, Wes has had a hand in her transformation also. The lies, too many to deal with. The secrets that can and have ruined lives. Aira has come clean about hers, but Wes hasn\’t. His brother Azel is a big one, not to mention his strange relationship with Noelle; Aira knows there has to be more to that story. Then there\’s Hidden and Hidden isn\’t giving up any secrets at the moment. Now Aira finds herself without her sworn protector, and although he promises to keep her safe, they are no longer together. It\’s not the protector Aira misses, it\’s the man. Lots of scary things have been happening around and to Aira. Someone is threatening her. Wes is losing his mind trying to protect her and, at the same time, keep his distance. Aira is trying her best to deal with the bad seeds at HCH and all the reasons her and Wes should not be together-his short fuse, the fighting and his past. But Aira is completely addicted to Wes, just as Wes is to her. A FAST PACED STORYLINE WITH WELL WRITTEN, COMPLEX, RELATABLE CHARACTERS THAT ARE HONEST AND LOYAL ! SECONDARY CHARACTERS THAT ARE INVESTED IN AND IMPORTANT TO THE STORY AS WELL. DARK, RAW CRAVING, THE KIND YOU CANNOT DENY AND ARE HELPLESS TO CONTROL ! THIS SERIES IS ADDICTIVE AND INTENSE ! ! ! A DEFINITE ONE-CLICK READ !


Review #2

Hidden Creek Darkness (Hidden Creek High #3) audiobook streamming online

This is the third book in the Hidden Creek High Series, Hidden Creek Darkness, and you must read Hidden Creek Secrets and Hidden Creek Love so you get the full story. So, Wes and Aira are not together anymore, but that does not stop Wesley from protecting and trying to keep her safe. Is there something between Wesley and Noelle? Who is sending Aira all this notes? Is Aira imagining things or is someone after her? Could this be because of Wesley? What is going on with Ryland? Is Wesley and Aira getting back together? We get the answers to some of those questions in this book. But seriously Jaxson you did a number on me. Half the stuff I didnt expected, which I like very much. I curse at you sometimes, ok…… through the whole damn book……… but what did you expected? The story is amazing and I cant wait to read Hidden Creek Forever


Review #3

Audiobook Hidden Creek Darkness (Hidden Creek High #3) by Jaxson Kidman

HIDDEN CREEK DARKNESS (Hidden Creek High Book #3) By Jaxson Kidman This is the oh so satisfying continuation of the popular Hidden Creek Series. I absolutely am loving this series! Jaxson Kidman has such a gift with words you almost feel like you are standing next to Weslee, Aria and their friends. He always brings the full deal to the table in these books, angst, turmoil, chemistry, great dialog, intrigue, banter, and suspense. He delivers some of the answers to secrets we have REALLY wanted to know, while bringing us more secrets that cliffhanger to the next book. You know you are reading a really great book when you slow down reading the last pages as you do not want it to end. I am saddened that I have longer to wait until the next installment. This is certainly a 5 star read!


Review #4

Audio Hidden Creek Darkness (Hidden Creek High #3) narrated by Meg Sylvan Tristan Josiah

This book is the next installment of Wes and Aira\’s story. It picks up with the changes in Aira since Wes walked away. It is full of twists and turns with all the heart and emotion what one expects from Jaxson Kidman. This series of books just keeps getting better and better. I would recommend the Hidden Creek High series as it is one of the best High School Book Series I have read to date (and my library has over 10,000 books in it) This is a must read that I will recommend to many of my friends and family without hesitation.


Review #5

Free audio Hidden Creek Darkness (Hidden Creek High #3) – in the audio player below

I needed him more than ever. Things are heating up at HCH. Aira and Wes, have broken up, but still appear to be drawn together. Lines are being drawn between the groups. Who is sending those notes to Aira? Who burned down her house and why? Whats going on with West? Is he really there to help or cause problems? Whats going on with Ryland? Why is so hung up over Aira? Who was Mikas, baby daddy ? There is just so much going on in this book; information we need to know to figure out whats going on. Bring on the final book-i cant wait to find out all of the secrets of HCH.


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