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Hitting the Books audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Hitting the Books audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Hitting the Books audiobook free

“Hitting the Books” is rather violent for a conventional cozy. That’s a positive. Guy shot in the head. Hit and run drivers. A little out of the comfort zone. Lindsey, the heroine, feels that way. Too much darkness for her. As usual, though, she’s able to figure out whodunit. With the usual band of supporting characters, this novel should have worked seamlessly. Alas, it didn’t. Too much trivial (my way of thinking) stuff — Sully whistling in the morning could break up the happy couple? All the baby worries. I wanted to get back to the gritty mystery. The internal meanderings got out of hand. Didn’t totally ruin the book for me, but I hope a lot of it goes away in future books in this wonderful series.

Review #2

Hitting the Books series Library Lover’s Mysteries

Book is ok. My marking it down is for quality. Usually like her books, but this one the picture shows a quality dust jacket cover design. My book doesn’t have one. Looks like they are saving money by just sending generic hard backs instead of quality books, but still make you pay a hefty sum for a small book. If they are going to show the book with a nice cover on different sites including Amazon, then that is what you should get for a new book. In the future, I will wait out her books till they have them in paperback so I don’t feel ripped off. $19.00 for a small generic hard cover with no dust jacket seems steep. They should have went straight to paperback and the quality would have been better. Added: Apparently Amazon allows others to mock reviews, but for me personally I feel that some people have the right to know about quality of what they may be purchasing. As far as I know Amazon does allow individuals to review items for quality. I bought this book, read it once, and the pages separated from the hardback’s spine so it ended up in the trash. I expect books I buy to last longer than one read. Maybe the commenter on my post, doesn’t care about quality or maybe has money to burn, but other might want to know especially since there is a cheaper Kindle version available. There are many reviews about the contents of the book, but I didn’t see any that were about the quality which is why I posted in the first place. But for those looking for a review of the book: The book was a ok read. It wasn’t the best I have read nor the worst. I have seen better from this Author. It was a little slow for me. But then I only get to read it once. It might be better the second time around if your book last that long.

Review #3

Audiobook Hitting the Books by Jenn McKinlay

I haven’t read a book in this series in a while and it took me a few pages to get my characters in order and realized that I had missed a book or two. Beth’s romance and marriage. I guess I need to go back and read it. This was a good 👍story with an interesting twist. Ghost or not. I like the relationships of the library staff with the patrons and the community. I think that the idea of Crafternoonerd it great. I fact out community library has just started something like this by offering Adult and children”s craft activities. I just attended a rock painting class last evening. We also have games groups during the week and a waking Track in the lower level. I might propose a Vcrafternooner group and book club too.

Review #4

Audio Hitting the Books narrated by Allyson Ryan

A legal issue arises during the investigation into a hit and run incident outside the library in this 9th volume of the cozy mystery series. Library Director Lindsey is asked to provide the name of the person who checked out the CDs that were found in the abandoned hit and run car. Lindsey refuses until the police provide a judge’s subpoena, as confidentiality is sacred in the library world. Lindsey and beau Sully, along with her dog Heathcliff, work together to help solve the crime, while also taking the next step in their romance. Still a very enjoyable series to read.

Review #5

Free audio Hitting the Books – in the audio player below

Lindsey Norris, Librarian and clever amateur sleuth is back again to my great delight. Lindsey is enjoying her Crafternooners (group of book reading crafters,) get together when she sees a tragedy unfolding outside her library windows… a good friend, the Tennis Coach, is struck down by a car in board daylight. Naturally, Lindsey runs out to aid her friend, and finds herself embroiled in a confusing, and unique mystery.

What I liked about this novel was it’s uniqueness. The crimes, the characters, the dialog just spins a tale that has you turning pages quickly. Then, there was the backstory of Sully and Lindsey’s life as a couple. That was a delight as well.

This book had it all. A darn good set of mysteries, a bit of romance, laughter, and a touch of sadness. What more can a reader want in a book. I hope this series continues for years to come.

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