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Hostile Shores audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Hostile Shores audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Hostile Shores audiobook free

Well written tale focusing on the adventures of British Naval Captain, Alan Lewrie. I’ll admit this story brought C. S. Forrester’s Hornblower series to mind. While Lewrie and Hornblower are both dedicated and capable seamen operating in the same time period, the similarities pretty much end there. That is not a criticism–just an observation. Lewrie is a likable rogue and I enjoyed reading about him. The ship handling scenes were written in great detail and were very interesting, even though they were a little beyond my limited knowledge of sailing terminology, I did enjoy reading this story and plan to find and read the initial book in this series.

Review #2

Hostile Shores audiobook in series Alan Lewrie

I am just re-reading the entire Lewrie series in preparation for the May arrival of the next delightful installment. I found that this volume marks the start of a plateau in storytelling for the author. The plot is deeper, the characters are just a bit more interesting, and the battles are just as intense. Lambdin is probably the best living author of historical novels of the Napoleonic period. His language will never come up to O’Brian’s but he is head and shoulders above the rest. Read them all!

Review #3

Audiobook Hostile Shores by Richard Stark

My first experience with the Alan Newrie series and a good one at that. While “Hostile Shores” contains just one real swashbuckling sea battle, I found the detailed descriptions of life on a 19th Century naval vessel very entertaining. These included the dimensions and rigging of the ships, design of the ship’s living quarters (for officers), foodstuffs and meals, clothing, sailing tactics, the monotony of sea duty, etc. The author has apparently done a great deal of research for this series and its feel of authenticity adds to readability of the novel.i

Protagonist Alan Lewrie is very likable and not overly burdened with psychological baggage. He’s not without some faults, but they’re the kind that are admirable in an action novel. While I enjoyed this story with its relatively modest helping of blood-and-guts action, I’m looking forward to reading other books in the series with more of the swashbuckling stuff.

Review #4

Audio Hostile Shores narrated by John Chancer

I have read every one of Mr. Lambdin’s Alan Lewrie books, and each time I have looked forward to the next one. With that in mind I need to say that this latest effort was weak and not up to the high standards for adventure and excellent storytelling set in previous efforts. Until the encounter between HMS Reliant and the San Fermin, most of this chapter in the life of Capt. Lewrie seemed to center on his ardor for Lydia Stangbourne and his cats. Neither of these things is the reason I continue to look forward to Mr. Lambdin’s storytelling about the age of fighting sail. I truly hope that this author has not begun taking us long time readers for granted and I hope his next effort will return to his previously high standard of action and adventure.

Review #5

Free audio Hostile Shores – in the audio player below

I am a longtime fan of this series and had been eagerly looking forward to this installment.Unfortunately, while entertaining to a point, I found it a little slow with not a lot happening. It was almost if this was more of a filler than anything else.The whole thing seemed a bit disjointed to me. Almost as if it was written by a committee in the style of Dewey Lambdin.Even the final (and only)action seemed somehow contrived, as if the author suddenly realized he was near the end of the book and had forgotten to include one. The last 3-4 books in the series have been especially good and perhaps it is that this volume suffers by comparison. Hopefully Mr Lambdin will get back on track in the next installment.

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