How to Date a Younger Man

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How to Date a Younger Man audiobook

Hi, are you looking for How to Date a Younger Man audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

How to Date a Younger Man audiobook free

I loved this couple! A sexy, sweet, age gap romance between a successful older woman and a younger guy just starting to make his own way. It\’s a story of self-discovery, getting older and finding love when you think your time to have it all is running out. He\’s totally hot and a bit cocky. She\’s gorgeous and self-assured. He\’s made his interest known, but she shuts him down. She\’s not looking for a hook up…she wants forever. He\’ll just need to bide his time and show her he\’s all the man she\’ll ever need. Layne is an ambitious lawyer. She\’s made her own success when she started her own firm. Work has been her life since graduation. Now she\’s watching all her friends get married and have kids and she\’s wondering when it will be her turn. Priorities are shifting and she wants her own HEA with a husband and kids. Griffin is ten years younger, working his way through grad school for architecture. The first time he meets Layne, he knows that she\’s the end game. Good thing he\’s patient, because she\’s not going to make things easy for him. He is a really great guy, the kind you keep. This story is emotional and a bit angsty. Layne has a mindset of what she wants and it\’s never been a younger man. She wants a mature guy, with a good job, who is ready to settle down and give her her dream. She has tunnel vision when it comes to relationships, so much so that she can\’t see what\’s right in front of her. She\’ll have to kiss a bunch of frogs before she realizes her prince has always been waiting for her to open her eyes. This is a best friend\’s brother, age gap, friends to lovers romance with high emotion. Their relationship starts out as a friendship. Both of them lead their own lives, but they become each other\’s person. The one that helps you through a break up or gets drunk with you after a bad day. Layne needed time to \”see\” him and Griffin needed to mature into the man she needed. Their relationship frustrated me at times because I just wanted to shake some sense into her. I felt her pain and frustration. I felt their sexual tension and undeniable attraction. Age was her hang up, but love trumps all.


Review #2

How to Date a Younger Man audiobook streamming online

Four years. Thats how long it took these two to figure out their stuff and finally get together. Four. Years. Yeah, yeah, they both had things they needed to learn and figure out during that time in order to be ready for each other, but I wanted them together NOW. And its quite possible I got just a liiittle too invested in the lives of these fictional characters. I blame this talented writer who took over control of my emotions with her words. Layne Anderson isnt only a high-powered attorney in Los Angeles, but she started her own very successful law practice. Shes brilliant, classy and more than capable. Everything in her life is perfect, really, but she\’s made her list of desirable attributes and is on the lookout for Mr. Right. When her employees purchase an hour of relaxation for Layne\’s birthday, the neuromuscular therapist, Griff, who shows up at Laynes office with table in tow, is certainly nice eye candy and definitely good with his hands. Although Layne is flattered when Griff asks her out, he checks very few boxes on her Mr. Right list, and he\’s ten years younger than her. Still, Layne cant seem to get Griff off her mind, so imagine her surprise when Layne goes to her BFF\’s apartment and discovers that Griff is her best friend\’s younger brother! Doesnt that make the perfect setup for a terrific romcom? And, if were honest, ladies, who of us wouldnt be flattered by attention from a younger man? But seriously, I wanted to shake Layne so she would get with the program. With as intelligent and capable as she is in her professional life, Layne is completely blind to what\’s right in front of her face. And Griff, bless his heart, hes a goner from day one, but I love the way he waits patiently for things to fall into place. In the meantime, he\’s an amazing friend to Layne and always there when she needs him. If you love contemporary romance and you havent read this talented lady\’s work yet, you really need to add her to your list of must-reads. She gives us snort-worthy dialog, blushable peach and eggplant scenes, a whole heap of heart, and just enough quirky, memorable characters to keep the reader on her toes. Get your copy, lock yourself away from interruptions, and fall in love with Layne and Griff. Your time in this book world will be well worth it, and your romantic heart will thank you.


Review #3

Audiobook How to Date a Younger Man by Kendall Ryan

I was surprised by this romance. From the title I thought I knew what to expect but boy, did I get so much more. Layne is career driven, successful, works to achieve every goal she sets for herself. However, the one thing her heart really wants is a family, husband and kids, but she keeps striking out in the men department. Her employees get her a massage for her birthday which surprises her but not as much as the hot younger man that will be massaging her. When Griffin asks her out, she says no, hes too young. Griffin is blown away by Layne, her confidence, warmth and overall sexiness. He is disappointed that he wont go out with her but maybe hes not out of luck. He meets Layne again at his sisters house. Now, can he convince her that this younger guy is worth a risk? Layne is tough, she fought dating a younger man which frustrated me at times since she is so comfortable with Griffin. There is a natural friendship and camaraderie that I truly enjoyed. I also appreciated that these two didnt jump right into a relationship, they had to work at it. A true gem!


Review #4

Audio How to Date a Younger Man narrated by Christian Fox Emma Wilder

Unusually, the first time Griffin met Layne Anderson was four years previously when he arrived at her office to give her a massage. It happened to be a birthday present from her employees. He liked what he saw and touched. He was smitten. And without hesitation, he asked her for a date when he finished and she said \’no\’ But was it because he was twenty three and she was ten years older? The second time, she found out that Griffen was the brother of her best friend. And he ghosted her. He pretended not to know her. Turns out that Griffen is an architecture student who is working temporally as a massage therapist whilst waiting to start a post-grad course. He is young, six foot tall and handsome. Gorgeous even. Layne is a hardworking lawyer who went solo to start her own law firm. She has sacrificed her social life to establish a lucrative business in commercial law. Now she wants more… Griffin, has not given up on Layne , and over the intervening years he\’s been a friend and confidante. But when he is offered an architect job and a move to New York, questions have to be asked and decisions made. Should he take the job or stay where he is? Will Layne want him to stay. He loves her BUT does she love him? Will she want marriage and kids with him? Well, read your own copy of this book and find out. Enjoy…


Review #5

Free audio How to Date a Younger Man – in the audio player below

I eagerly anticipated this I was really looking forward to it I have to say I was disappointed it took too long to get started it was supposed to be about dating a younger man that didn\’t happen until the rushed ending I almost stopped reading through boredom but having paid for the book I wasn\’t going to do that but I didn\’t enjoy it sorry


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