How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age

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The subject book is based on the management and leadership genre. It is written by Dale Carnegie & Associates. Dale Carnegie was an American lecturer and author.

He was also the developer of some good corporate training. Self-improvement and public speaking courses. Attached and Rage is the best book that Dale Carnegie has written so far.

How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age audiobook free

Robert Petkoff is the narrator of this chapter. His performance was above average. However, in some places, the performance went a bit flat and slow.

The subject book was a landmark bestseller and it was published 75 years ago. The principles of Dale Carnegie has endured well for almost a century. As many as 15 million copies of the subject classic book have been sold far.

The author might not have been able to envisage the course that the new media would take. He didn’t know at that time that what social media or Facebook are. Despite all this, all his thoughts are closely related to all the online communications that we do today. The problems associated with cyberbullying or maybe cyberbullying, the help is given by Carnegie in his book is more than useful. It is something that you must have in this highly challenging digital age. You will be in a much better position with your leadership skills and self-expression with good control over communication. If you are looking for online success on all social media platforms then this is a must-to-read book.

The book can provide a good source of learning especially related to communication. This is one of the major areas in our personal and professional life. The author mentioned a few really obvious things, but again, those are timeless as well.

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