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Stephen King’s fiction is always just out of this world; the author gets the wild ideas working within no time. At first, you feel a little awed by the situation which you find yourself in during the novel than a few chapters later you start enjoying the description of the scenes. The story of Craig and Mr. Harrigan is of the same category. Craig the average young boy was in search of a job when he found Mr. Harrigan who hired him for some personal services.

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The nine-year-old settled well with the man and the two started to get along quite nicely. The man was a rich landlord thus money never remained a problem for Craig too after getting in touch with this retired old chap. The friendship grew as Craig started to grow in years and the old man also started trusting him even more. Years later when Craig too had some money in his pocket he bought a phone for the old man as a gift. Harrigan had never tried such technology before but as he started using it he became a big fan of it.

However, he never got much time to enjoy this luxury as he died a few months later. On his death, the phone was put with him in his grave as a memory. To Craig’s surprise, he started getting messages from the old man’s grave through that cell phone. Will Patton, Steven Weber, and Danny Burstein narrate this feeling of the boy with their full skill. We can feel that the boy not only gets afraid at first but he also becomes curious about life in a grave. The Stand and The Institute could be the best pair with this novel if the listener starts liking Stephen’s works. Stephen’s work is bound to impress the new and the old fans alike at every step.

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