In the Shadows of Men

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In the Shadows of Men audiobook

Hi, are you looking for In the Shadows of Men audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

In the Shadows of Men audiobook free

This was thoughtful piece of social criticism. Its a sly examination of the way people will set up a society that caters to young men with money. RBJ examines the willingness to overlook the costs they inflict and to excuse their transgressions because they are their transgressions and they hold the power. And he pairs that with the stunted emotional language of current white working-class males. They can recognize the problem but the lack of language to discuss it leaves them defenseless when the evils whip back around on them. The exploitation of markets that have offshored or automated the well paying jobs and left them and their communities behind and broken arent all that different than the ruined lives of the women abused in these oil boom towns.


Review #2

In the Shadows of Men audiobook streamming online

Robert Jackson Bennett is a shining star in todays science fiction, more fantasy world. Great character development, strongly recommended. This particular story is a bit darker and deals with some serious issues. Great mood setting, especially poignant if you know anything about West Texas and the oil booms and busts.


Review #3

Audiobook In the Shadows of Men by Robert Jackson Bennett

Always a good read, Bennett never lets you down. This is more of a novella length, but I enjoy a qiucker read now and then. Kindnof guessed what was going on gut enjoyed it all the same.


Review #4

Audio In the Shadows of Men narrated by A. T. Chandler

The description fails to mention this is a limited edition signed by the author!


Review #5

Free audio In the Shadows of Men – in the audio player below

Two dysfunctional Pugh brothers lives collide over the possibility of finally achieving a modicum of success. “Bear” Pugh, the older struggles with addiction … the younger Pugh is incomplete… he finds himself with a job, home and even a wife and young child … none of which he can seem to love and care for. He jumps at a chance for success and possibly wealth when summoned by “Bear” with a scheme to renovate an abandoned motel in the small town of Coahora, in the desolate area of west Texas, which appears engulfed in the booming fracking industry. Both are fleeing a traumatic childhood of abuse and neglect.
This novella is nothing like Bennett’s previous engrossing fantasies of the Fountryside series .. but, yet he succeeds in spinning a dark tale with intertwined supernatural elements with prose evocative and fluid.
Voices and images emerge as the brothers toil in the dust, grime and heat of west Texas, as the brothers labor to renovate this seedy monstrosity into a presentable place of commerce. The ethereal images are suggestive of past ill deeds … loathsome and depraved. … and most likely arising from the perversions of their distant ancestor, Corbin Pugh. We can only see the downward spiral of psychological torture and oncoming possession through the eyes of the younger Pugh … but can guess at the toll this is taking on both brothers. Spectral raucous parties remain just out of physical awareness … but are replete with loud music and perverse dialogue.
Bennett successfully explores the psychological ramifications of a childhood trashed with abuse and neglect and the ultimate absence of a blueprint necessary to succeed and prosper in the everyday world.


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