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Inferno audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Inferno audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Inferno audiobook free

First, long time fan of the series, the world, the spinoffs, and the author. I enjoyed this book until about chapter 40. At that point, the more I read, I found myself guessing the EXACT direction things were going. This proved to be disappointing.

BIG SPOILERS AHEAD – last chance to avoid it

I guessed that Con was Rhi’s king around the 5th or 6th book. It was just so obvious to me that I was in no way shocked when this was leaked earlier this year. With that knowledge for basically 10+ books, why would I ever be ok with Con sleeping with Usaeil when she is revealed as Rhi’s birth mother? That is gross and I couldn’t get past it. I saw Grant setting it up but hoped she wouldn’t do this. The icing on this gross cake that yes, I guessed it as well, Rhi and Con have kids. Erith is supposed to be Con and Rhi’s friend and she kept these massive secrets from them for YEARS. I can’t accept her reasoning and neither should Con and Rhi. WHY did Grant have to make Usaeil her mother? WHY allow them to have twins that know of their parents but the parents don’t know of them? WHY let these twins be leaders of the dragons(that were sent away)on another realm? This is how you finish this epic tale? I can’t believe the sex isn’t even addressed as YUCK after it’s revealed. WHY would Grant do this to these beloved characters? They had already been through so much that this was unnecessary. We already knew Rhi was going to defeat Usaeil. We already knew Rhi was a better queen. We already knew Rhi was loved by her people. We did NOT need for her to have a blood relation claim to the throne. Making Usaeil her mother was so uncalled for. Did Grant think no one would find it gross that mother and daughter had sex with the same man? Honestly, when I realized this was happening, I could no longer read any of the steamy scenes with Con and Rhi. Any time they kissed, it made me cringe. So disappointed.

Again, I guessed that Melisse is the weapon because she was a dragon. It was a nice twist to make her half dragon half dark fae and the first dragon queen. I’m going to go ahead and guess that Henry will be her mate eventually. Also going to go ahead and guess that the daughter of Con and Rhi is going to be one of the kings mates.

I wish Grant would have explored the storyline about returning the dragons to the healing fae realm more than the storyline about that book(which was a journal penned by Erith) and its secrets.

Final thoughts
I enjoyed part one and two of this book. I did not enjoy part three. I recommend this series often and will continue to do so. But this book was disappointing considering it is the end of this series. I just think Con and Rhi deserved a better book. I know there are spinoffs in the works and look forward to reading them. This book did not turn me away from wanting to read more from Grant. I look forward to her next reaper book and 1001 novella.

Review #2

Inferno audiobook in series Dark Kings

Wow.. Donna Grant you gave us an amazing story. I read this story from front to back all night, I started at midnight and finished reading it at 7 am. Now I have to go back and re read at a slower pace.. Seriously what an ending.. I did not see that coming. Thanks for that tease at the end. I can not wait to see what happens next with the Dragon Kings.
I am so excited that I was correct about Melisse. Con and his Mate finally we get to see these two happy!! Hats off to you Donna Grant Inferno is one of your best in my opinion. This is not a stand alone.. Inferno is my 18 in the Dark Kings series.
I loved Inferno from beginning to end, I am happy Con has been redeemed in my eyes. If your a fan of the Grant’s Dark World than you will understand about Con’s redemption. Grant leaves the story off with a blow up ending, I know more is to come from the Kings. I will be waiting for the next journey to begin with the Dragon Kings Happy Reading!!!

Review #3

Audiobook Inferno by Donna Grant

Let’s see…whine, whine whine. Grant had no clue where this was all going to end up. She keeps trying to throw things in and it just makes it worse. She admitted that she did not know who Rhy’s love was at first so she had to back track. Then decided to make UBitch Rhys’ mother, but remembered Rhys had powers from her mother so had Death to a switch in utero… The whole, Con had sex with your mother was gross. Especially because all that was said about it was, “she caught me at a low point.” Grant decided that the whole UBitch separating them was not working, so she rewrote that with a simple, “UBitch thought she did but it was not the real reason.” And never went there again. she could have honestly ended the book there. Instead, Rhys was a few weeks pregnant when Con broke things off and Death took the babies to raise herself. Maybe Grant is a fan of the book Brave New World. Otherwise, your just left with a big huh? And then Rhys and and Con are ok with it? And then to say the twins are leading the dragons in the other realm… Glad it’s done so I don’t have to read more of the series. I found the series in February and now I can let it end. If your old enough to remember Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show, this book was the equivalent of Buffy finding Dawn.

Review #4

Audio Inferno narrated by Antony Ferguson

So I just finished Inferno. All I can say is wow!!! This was the most anticipated book of the year for me and all I can say is that it blew me away. I’m not sure if it could have made it any better. As a long time fan of the Dark Universe, it was the perfect ending, and new beginning. I always hoped that Con and Rhi would end up together but all of the surprise along the left me in awe. Bravo!!!

Sweet Jesus on the cross, what an epic ending, and even better beginning! Donna created an incredible world for us to get lost in, one we couldn’t help but love. Knowing the big reveal beforehand did not detract from the story as a whole, because it’s just so well written and the characters well-developed. Plus, she threw in some great surprises that we never saw coming. I’ve been with her from the beginning and each spinoff has only gotten better. I eagerly look forward to what is yet to come!

Review #5

Free audio Inferno – in the audio player below

The Dragon Kings are gorgeous, protective, fierce, gallant, amazing Scots. They do their best to protect humanity from the Dark Fae while maintaining anonymity. Forces continually strive to expose their true dragon form to the world, to initiate their destruction.

The Dark Kings saga by Donna Grant is one of my all-time favorites out there. And Inferno is the big one. Con’s story. The King of Kings. Is it worth the wait? Absolutely it is. Let’s start with the standard warning, especially this far in if you are not familiar with the Dragon Kings, do not start here. You are going to spoil a whole slew of books if you read this first and believe me, it is a fun test of patience trying to figure out who Con’s mate is.

And the not so standard warning that I will not be able to review further without spoilers. Last chance, stop here if you do not want to spoil, well, the entire series. Of course, everyone’s fantasy of how things were supposed to happen are different. I spent hours analyzing Con and Rhi over the years, and I almost had myself convinced they were not mates. Until the beginning of 2020, when I ran across the big spoil. I didn’t have to read it, but I did, and after the last book, I would have swung back around to that conclusion anyway. In short, Con and Rhi were no surprise. I enjoyed getting their flashbacks. I liked that Rhi made Con work for it. I almost wish we could have got the reveal a few books ago. That way, Con REALLY would have had to work for it, but that might have been too torturous.

The Usaeil reveal was a bit unexpected. I know some are a bit offended by it, but it makes a warped bit of sense. Honestly, I think it is a great final f you. Her past comes back to bite her in the butt. And Erith’s nice little secret, oh boy. That one was almost over the top, but I like where it will lead us.

Melisse and Henry, I approve, if it is what I think it is, and it better be. She is just awesome. I mean she’s like Maleficent, how is that not the coolest thing ever. And Balladyn still needs his happy ending. These are my wishes for the future. So with the mate of the King of Dragon Kings, the Usaeil saga is closed. Good frickin riddance. I will now continue my series reread so I can grin every time Con and Rhi start in on each other. I know your secret now.

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