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Infinity Reaper audiobook – Audience Reviews

Review #1

Infinity Reaper full audiobook free

“I have to become a pawn who takes down the king. To outsmart the man who fools the world without a single shifter’s muscle.”

Infinity Reaper picks up immediately at the end of Infinity Son and from there it just doesn’t take a breath!! If you haven’t read Infinity Son then you may not want to continue reading as it’s hard not to be spoilery. Brighton has downed the potion that was meant for Luna and essentially all hell continues to break loose for all the members of the Spell Walkers. Things don’t turn out quite as Brighton planned, Ness has been taken back by his father and Emil has to deal with the fracture in the ranks of the Spell Walkers. So many different events set in motion and the pacing just keeps getting ramped up as you go back and forth between the different POV’s. So many different reveals about the main characters but also Bautista, Keon and Cordova, plus some connections that I definitely wasn’t expecting. I really enjoyed the addition of the Halo Knight characters Tala, Wyatt and of course Nox!! Was really torn because I loved Emil and Wyatt together but also so want Ness and Emil together as well! The one thing I have to say is that I have never wanted to smack a character upside the head as much as I do Brighton. I mean, he is working really hard to be just a complete arseling, and it will have to be quite the redemption in book 3 if I am to be bothered at all to care if anything bad happens to him. He’s your brother dude!! And Adam does it again with that ending…….really!?!?!! Can’t wait to see how all of this plays out in the final book.

Review #2

Infinity Reaper audiobook in series Infinity Cycle

This has been my most anticipated 2021 read, and it did NOT disappoint! Most of the plot twists were amazing, and I was hooked the entire time. The LGBTQ+ rep was amazing, especially with how casual it was! I already love Adam Silvera and his work (They Both Die at the End and Infinity Son), so I knew he wouldnt disappoint!


Brighton turning into the surprise cliffhanger villain wasnt much of a surprise. I guess that was the point, since the target audience is for young adults, but I wished the book couldve been more subtle about the foreshadowing. Like throughout the story, they made it obvious that Brightons narcissism was gonna make him change sides in the end, but still tried to make it seem like he was the good guy. It irked me how selfish and uncaring his thoughts were, like he was still aware of how harsh his thoughts, but in the end he was like okay, my brother is weak, Im dumping my dream girlfriend, and relying only on my online followers as support. Great story still, but its safe to say he was my least favorite character.

Even with all of that, I cant WAIT for the next book in this amazing series!!

Review #3

Infinity Reaper audiobook by Adam Silvera

The story is nice enough, but boy, did I hate Brighton! It ruined the story for me, so I’m rather sad. Other books by this author I loved.

Review #4

Infinity Reaper audio narrated by Kirby Heyborne Robbie Daymond

I loved this book! Adam Silvera is a genius!

Review #5

free audio Infinity Reaper – in the audio player below

After wrapping up Infinity Son, I was a little apprehensive to pick this up just due to the first novel not meeting my high expectations. But thank the book Gods above for blessing me with this piece. The phenomenal character development, romance (more so a love triangle I refuse to speak about because we all look how I feel about them), LGBTQIA representation, magical components and actions scenes that had me sitting at the edge of my seat, writing style, built up and direction of the storyline surpass the first installment in every single way.

If you want engaging material, then look no furtherInfinity Reaper has everything you need in a young adult fantasy novel including characters that are well written, memorable, and distinctive despite the many character POVs.

All in all, an amazing novel from start to end, and that ending! 2022 cant come fast enough!

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