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The Psychology of Persuasion

Influence is a kind of book that we should read sooner rather than later because it is one of the most classic books that the market has to offer.  

A book about The Psychology of Persuasion, explains how people manage to make others say “yes” like a piece of cake. In this book, Dr. Robert Cialdini studied years and had evidence-based research about Persuasion and how people manipulate and respond to Influence

Influence also incorporates the six universal principles, you might unknowingly do to persuade people easily. This book definitely has good content that can change our ways of reasoning personally.

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If you are still reading this, it means you want to know more about this book. 

Here are the six universal principles of persuasion or the weapons of influence.
First, responding positively to positive action is called reciprocity, it is a give and take.  However, an obligation that restricts freedom of action called commitment.  When the situation is fair, it just means consistency.
On the other hand, copying the actions of others in a situation is a social proof.  Liking in the word of persuasion makes more chances of being influenced when you like someone who is persuading you. 

If you are in authority, you are more likely the one who make decisions. 

The last principle plays a big role when persuading other people. Limited only means “scarcity”, the more you have reasons the more you would be able to persuade people and the less you have the less you would. 

This book is really helpful to those who are in business in line with sales and to people who like winning someone over. 

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