It’s in His Kiss

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It’s in His Kiss audiobook

It’s in His Kiss a historical fiction novel.  It is the seventh chapter of Bridgeertons. The author of the novel is Julia Quinn. She is the best historical romance novel, writer. Her name is Julia Pottinger; Julia Quinn is her pen name. Her novels are so famous that these novels are translated into 29 languages.  She wrote many romance and historical fiction novels. You can listen to her best novels What Happens in London and Ten Things I Love About You. These books are receiving really good remarks.

The narrator of the book is Rosalyn Landor. She is a very good narrator. She captured each character with her voice very well. Her smooth voice makes it easy to understand this novel.

It’s in His Kiss

This is a very lovely and wonderful book. The story is about three leading characters, one is the heroine of the novel, Hyacinth Bridgerton and the other is poor Mr. Mozart, and the third is the hero of the novel. His name is Gareth St. Clair.

His father hates him; he wants to collapse his inheritance and estates. He found a diary. The diary is so old and the language used in it is Italian. Gareth St. Clair does not know whether the dairy contains secrets or not, because he does not know the Italian language. He cannot speak even a word of Italian. The heroine of the novel is so pretty and smart.

free audiobook It’s in His Kiss

She knows the Italian language and wants to translate the diary. She translates the diary and the mystery resolved. Tall the secrets uncovered. The answer, they are finding is not in the diary. Hyacinth Bridgerton and Gareth St. Clair fall in love.

This is a simple and lovely romance story.

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