It’s Your Ship

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It’s Your Ship Audiobook

It’s Your Ship is a nonfictional book on business and career management. It is written and narrated by D. Michael Abrashoff. The book tells about some productive management techniques which come from the top most ship in the Navy. D. Michael Abrashoff did a brilliant job both as the writer and narrator of this book.

This book holds the story of D. Michael Abrashoff himself along with his USS Benfold command. All this has become legendary now both outside and inside the Navy. Abrashoff now offers is the exciting story of the change from top to down in the hierarchy. This would help anyone who is looking to navigate all of the uncertain business seas of today.

It’s Your Ship

The time when the Capt. Michael Abrashoff took charge as the commander of the USS Benfold, it was almost like a business. It was a business that was equipped with all the latest available technology of that time, while only a few offer productivity. The USS Benfold by the way was a ship that was armed with every cutting-edge system that was available then.

Abrashoff knew that all of the responsibility regarding the enhancement of the performance is dependent upon him. In that capacity, he was quick to realize that his leadership skills need to be enhanced drastically. Once his leadership skills get better then only he will be able to improve the same of his ship.

Free Audiobook It’s Your Ship

In the next few months, he set up a crew of inspired and confident problem solvers who were all keen to take the responsibility and initiatives. ‘It’s Your Ship’ actually became the slogan then.

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