Keeping Kyler (The Kennedy Boys #3)

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Keeping Kyler (The Kennedy Boys #3) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Keeping Kyler (The Kennedy Boys #3) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Keeping Kyler (The Kennedy Boys #3) audiobook free

Oh my Kennedy family loving heart! I love the drama, all the angst- and after an epic journey full of drama and emotional growth, weve reached the end of Kyler and Fayes books. Siobhan has created such an energy around this family- that curious fascination that has me as obsessed with this family as the world around them. I cant wait for future stories, but Kyler is going to be hard to beat.

This has everything I love about this series- over the top drama, delicious steam, deep emotional connections between our leads, and the quirky, loyal force of nature that is the Kennedy brood. The story picks up right where left our pair- with Kyler on the hunt for answers and Faye determined to support him. The dynamics have changed- they are in the public eye now, secrets are out in the open, and they can finally exist as a pair without either of those obstacles between them.

Faye and Kyler are the ultimate soulmates. I feel their connection, their love DEEP in my soul, and this is my favorite part of their journey- perhaps because we get to see them just BE together finally. Theyve been through so much to get there, and now they can focus on solidifying their relationship vs. the push-pull theyve been in and the way theyve had to hide. Ive always loved Faye, and she continues to shine here. Shes strong and patient, determined and resilient. Shes willing to fight for what she wants, but she does it with love and empathy. And Kyler- OH my Kyler, you have my whole heart now. Siobhan is the QUEEN of taking flawed heroes and stripping them bare- exposing what makes them so flawed, And then once weve seen their beating heart, she works her magic- she redeems them for their flaws, gives them meaningful opportunities to grow and evolve as men, but also as partners. And that is the best part of this whole book for me- seeking Kyler vulnerable, open to both us and Faye. He stopped pushing Faye away, and he starts pulling her in- he gives her trust in action, he treats her as his partner.

I also just LOVE this whole Kennedy crew, and I cant wait to see how they evolve over time. While the story is definitely focused on our couple, the ensemble element adds such richness to the story – and always makes for some of my favorite parts of the books.

Siobhan continues to earn my undying one-clicks with this series. Drama, intensity, secrets and danger- and at the center, a passionate and captivating epic love story that Im utterly addicted to- Im hoping to get to see much of Faye and Kyler in future stories, because I will never get enough of this couple!


Review #2

Keeping Kyler (The Kennedy Boys #3) audiobook streamming online

Keeping Kyler is the third book in The Kennedy Boys series, and is the final installment with Faye and Kyler. This book is told from dual POV’s. Which is my favorite writing style so we know what both characters are feeling and thinking.

Kyler is on gone. Secrets came out in the last book and he’s shocked and upset. He’s trying to discover more about his past. He doesn’t know how to feel about the man he called a father. Faye wants to support Kyler in his time of need, and discovers more secrets. She doesn’t want him to be alone, because she knows what it’s like to have your life ripped away from you.

The Kennedy boys stick together no matter what goes on in their life, and that’s proven in this book. Faye and Kyler can finally come out and be the couple they always want to be since they discover they aren’t really cousins, but it’s still frowned upon by some.

I really enjoyed Faye and Kyler’s story, and can’t wait to read more in the series.


Review #3

Audiobook Keeping Kyler (The Kennedy Boys #3) by

Let me start this off my saying this family has more drama than the Kardashians. But I loved every single drama filled moment. This is the conclusion to the Kyler specific trilogy, and it does not disappoint. Siobhan takes you on an epic journey full of all the drama, romance, family, angst, and thrill that you can take. This story wraps up all the lose ends from book one and two regarding Kyler and Faye the rest of the boys will get their time.

I believe in true love. The kind of soul-deep love that can only be experienced when two people meet who are destined to be together.

This book was utterly satisfying watching from book one how Faye and Kyler are just hits you straight in the feels. These two go through so much and their ending was perfection. There was so much happening in this book I cant really give it justice. But you find out more as to why Kyler is the way he is. It will break your heart and make you fall just little bit more in love with him.

Your scar, your flaws, your fears, your pain-theyre mine too, I whisper. You hurt, I hurt. I stare deep into his eyes. Im here for you. Let me help.

Siobhan has created complex characters that will hold you captive from the first page, and they wont let go. I loved this story so completely it brings forth all your emotions and keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you’re looking for a wild ride filled with drama, intrigue, romance, passion and a dose of thrills this is the story for you. I cannot wait to see what happens with everyone else, especially Brad he took a piece of my heart in these stories.


Review #4

Keeping Kyler (The Kennedy Boys #3) audio online

Excellent! This story has everything from great sex to excitement and action.
The two main characters are so wonderful and perfect. The writing, story and all the characters are awesome. I loved this family and their love and support for each other.
The romance and relationship of the heroine and hero are so heart warming and Fabulous. I love all of them! I will definitely be reading all of the books in this series.
Absolutely awesome!!!


Review #5

Free audio Keeping Kyler (The Kennedy Boys #3) – in the audio player below

Omg, I absolutely loved these books! I want a kyler I’ve read all 3 of these books in less than two weeks, just couldn’t put down. I’ve already pre-ordered the next one! These book are jam packed with excitement and lust, they are a definite page turner! I will be thinking about this story for a long time after reading these,that’s how good this author is


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