Leadership Strategy and Tactics: Field Manual

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Leadership Strategy and Tactics: Field Manual audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Leadership Strategy and Tactics: Field Manual audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Leadership Strategy and Tactics: Field Manual audiobook free

I could not finish this, just as I could not finish “Extreme Ownership.” Jocko’s “I” or “My” appears on almost every single page, usually more than once. There’s good information here. Jocko is talented, and well experienced, and his children’s books are outstanding – written humbly from the kid’s point of view. Jocko has lots of experience. But he needs to move his ego out of the way and let the information stand for itself instead of grandstanding himself in each and every scenario.


Review #2

Leadership Strategy and Tactics: Field Manual audiobook streamming online

I’m a huge fan of Jocko and have been listening to his podcasts since his Tim Ferris appearance. But I have to be honest… I like his podcast so much more than his first two books.

This book much more closely reflects his podcast style. Simple, real world problems with simple, real world discussion of solutions. No long drawn out war stories. It’s something I can digest one piece at a time with my morning coffee. And I really feel like I’m “learning by doing” without having to learn the painful lessons myself.

PS I’m a female who has never been in the military and works at an engineering company. Through application of his principles I have accelerated my caree. Jocko is for EVERYONE not just SEALs.


Review #3

Audiobook Leadership Strategy and Tactics: Field Manual by Jocko Willink

author, Jocko Willink, shares his theories on Leadership with us: the practice of leadership is different for everyone. There are nuances to leadership that everyone has to uncover for themselves…what makes leadership so hard is dealing with people, and people are crazy…the craziest person a leader has to deal with is themselves.

This book is very well written and highly organized, in a conversational style. While the content could lend itself to textbook format, its not laid out that way. The Table of Contents is something that most readers will ignore. In order to best use this book, especially if you want to make good use of it in the future to access all the information about leadership by unique strategic or tactical point, the T. O. C. will be needed. The great news is that in the Kindle edition, its interactive; touch the blue subject heading and youll be taken immediately to the text within the book. The reverse is also true; by touching any blue, highlighted header in the text, the reader will be taken to the T. O. C. and be able to view additional items in that heading or subject; an invaluable asset of the Kindle version.

Willink is a good writer and gives salient examples for all his theories. They are highly related to his experiences in Seal Team One. He is warm, and collegial in his approach. The book is professionally edited and easily accessible for reading; for reference as detailed above. The language is clean and professional.

A good deal of time is spent discussing the ego, how respect is earned, not demanded and how these impact true leadership. Success on understanding and implementing these 2 points would create an whole new command of worthy leaders and this is their Field Manual


Review #4

Audio Leadership Strategy and Tactics: Field Manual narrated by Jocko Willink

I wish this existed while I was at West Point. A must read for any leader, but especially cadets and junior officers in my opinion.

If youre only going to read one of his books, make this one the one you go to.


Review #5

Free audio Leadership Strategy and Tactics: Field Manual – in the audio player below

Attended the live show Jocko performed in Austin, TX. Jocko is amazing live. He’s talks are even more intense than the podcasts. If you have the opportunity see him live. To keep it short, I started reading this book the night we were giving them January 11th. The book is very good quality and feels good in the hands. I bought two. One to keep clean and have on my shelf. The other to take detail notes, highlight, and apply to what needs to get done. If you have previous history with Jockos other books and podcasts buying this book is a no brainer. He gives the best advice that you need to hear and apply that will work. If you are new to Jocko I would start with podcast #1 and buy any of hes books that you need in your life based on what your doing. I cannot thank this man enough. Get after it!!!


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