Losing Kyler (The Kennedy Boys #2)

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Losing Kyler (The Kennedy Boys #2) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Losing Kyler (The Kennedy Boys #2) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Losing Kyler (The Kennedy Boys #2) audiobook free

I can not get enough of the Kennedy family stories or Kyler and Faye! I love the intensity, the over the top drama, the angst, the scandal and lies, and the alpha possessive Kennedy men. I love a good taboo/forbidden relationship, and this one has just consumed me.

The end of book one had some major heartbreak in store for us- with Faye and Kyler finding out a potentially devastating piece of information that may derail their budding relationship- now that they have finally admitted their feelings- and may make their love even more forbidden than wed assumed. HOLY MOLY.

These story is drama to the max- soap operatic and delicious. Poor Faye just gets so much thrown at her- and the revelations that force them apart just broke me (and her)- she needs Kyler, and he pushes her away. Is there ever a path to these two being together given all that is stacked against them? What other secrets and lies do they have to unpack and work through? Is their love something they are willing to accept, despite others thinking it is wrong?

Both of these characters really struggle with their complicated feelings for each other- and it is hard to watch them unravel. I wanted to punch Kyler more than once, and I wanted to hug poor Faye- I just wanted them to stop fighting against each other and their feelings and fight FOR each other- their love is just so intense, and they both clearly need it to thrive.

Of course, Siobhan leaves us with a jaw dropping conclusion that had me one-clicking the next book in seconds. This story is addictive- it consumes me completely. Im a Kennedy boys addict, and Im not even sorry. I MUST know what is next for Faye and Kyler!


Review #2

Losing Kyler (The Kennedy Boys #2) audiobook streamming online

I am so disappointed in this series. I liked some of this author’s other work, and I can’t tie out how this series is written by the same person, they are so different.

My first disappointment lies with the sheer amount of unnecessary drama in the books. I only read the first two, but seriously it’s a jacked up roller coaster ride that makes very little sense. I feel like the author used drama to replace plot and character development. Every chapter has some new thing happening and the larger arc of the plot frequents disappears only to be pulled awkwardly to the front line whenever it’s convenient.

My second issue is the MC. Initially she comes across as capable, or at least adultish, though reckless. She’s constantly handing out advice to her uncle and cousins. so how does this girl flip out like a 13 year old over a guy she fell in love with in like 3 weeks and nearly gets herself raped because she gets drunk and hooks up with a predator? Bimbo doesn’t begin to cover it. these two personality traits (responsible adult and bimbo teen) never get reconciled in a way that makes me believe in her as a character. And let’s not forget she’s so hot everyone magically wants. Cue the eye roll. This girl is so unlikable I can’t believe she’s at the center of a story. I mean, what girl who just violently lost both parents is going to be in any headspace to get romantically involved, much less be with it enough to notice a hot guy. This girl loved her parents and was torn to pieces when they passed, but a week later she is all Ky this and Ky that. Unbelievable. Instead of grieving, she’s looking to get some. Real winner there. But I guess all her bursts of years over this guy she barely knows are proof of her grief.

My third problem – the incessant tropes. I am legit sick of this mean girl wants the love interest thing and the MC catches them together and runs off crying. Ugh. Also suck of these MC’s losing their brain cells when some abs show up. Which of course leads her to stupid actions and a sense of entitlement about the love interest for no apparent reason. I get that love can be illogical, but lose the requisite emerging bimbo in the storytelling. No one likes it and frankly it’s insulting to women. Is it ridiculous to want her to not be a jealous shrew after 5 minutes with the guy? This leads into the next trope: insta love. There was build e to the relationship but then declaring their love so fast was just blah. They don’t even know each other, so love isn’t in the realm of possibility. And despite what some may think, stating creepily into each other’s eyes doesn’t a relationship make. They spent most of book one staring into each other past their walls, apparently sharing the truths of themselves without words or, you know, shared history. I can’t suspend my disbelief long enough to swallow that down.

Ultimately these two books were skimmable and very disappointing from a plot and character standpoint. They were just a mess of teen hormones and childish behavior around a series of overwhelming and over dramatic scenes.


Review #3

Audiobook Losing Kyler (The Kennedy Boys #2) by Siobhan Davis

***I received an eARC of this book from the author. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.***

Okay I have to admit something.Losing Kyler by Siobhan Davis blew me away! Im not usually a fan of YA contemporary, mainly because I loathe drama and teen angst. Knowing this about me, you are probably wondering why I even bothered reading this book. Honestly, its because I love the author and her other sci-fi series. Siobhan Davis is the master at writing complex characters, heart-stopping action/suspense, and swoon-worthy kisses. Seriously, sometimes a kiss takes a couple of pages worth of a book.that is one heck of a kiss!

But I digress, Losing Kyler is written in the same vein as The Royals series by Erin Watt. There is a ton of drama, a whole host of characters with their own, real-life problems, and more twists and turns then your run of the mill soap opera. Despite the teen angst, I found myself thoroughly engrossed. The book picks up right where Finding Kyler left off. So, if like me youve been on pins and needles wanting to know what happens, you get answers fairly quick.

Faye is not one of my favorite characters, even though she is the main character and it is told from her perspective. Its not that I dont like her, I do, shes just hard to like, and sometimes a little hard to stomach. She claims to hate drama and tries to stay away from it, yet she seems to always be the center of it and even creates a little herself.

And then there is Kyler, the books namesake. I dont like him. Sorry, it had to be said. Hes arrogant and his treatment of Faye is abhorrent. At times hes the best and at other times the worst. I cant understand how she could ever forgive him or be with him. Love is funny like that I guess. Personally I wouldve kicked him to the curb.

Now Brad on the other hand *swoon* Brad is Kys best friend and Fayes fake boyfriend so you can guess where this is going. Theres a semi-triangle going on but it gets resolved quickly (thankfully, triangles make my eye twitch). Brad is kind and a genuinely good guy. So of course Im #TeamBrad.

Overall Losing Kyler is a fast-paced, engrossing read. Its like a train wreck that you cant look away from, you just cant stop reading! So why four stars instead of five? If Im being honest (and I try to be), its because the first half of the book moves at a slower pace then the second half. It took me almost a week to read the first half, but only one night to read the second. Then there was the drama. While I enjoyed it because Siobhan Davis is the master, I felt it was a bit much. By the time I got to the end, my head was spinning from all the surprise twists. Now thats just my personal opinion, others may not feel that way. If you enjoy YA bordering on New Adult contemporary with shocking drama, I highly recommend you read this series.


Review #4

Audio Losing Kyler (The Kennedy Boys #2) narrated by Sinead Collins

If I thought the first book was action packed its well seeing I hadnt read this book yet because oh my word SO much happens in this book!!

My heart is a wreck!! Not only for Ky and Faye but for all of the boys and their family. There are so many hidden secrets, lies and betrayals going on around them they dont stand a chance of healing properly or understanding things and you can tell theres still more to come which has my heart in my mouth!!

Looking forward to jumping into the next book. I NEED to know whats going to happen, I have too many questions!


Review #5

Free audio Losing Kyler (The Kennedy Boys #2) – in the audio player below

Oh Siobhan, Queen of the Cliffhangers does it again!

I said in my review of Finding Kyler that you should not let the taboo nature of Faye & Kyler’s relationship put you off from reading it, and I stand by that. I will admit that there were many times throughout these first two books that I felt so uncomfortable, times I hated Ky for his actions and times I was begging Faye to love Brad as he is such a good sweet guy! But the twists and turns in their relationship kept me hooked all the way through.

What I love about these books is that the main plot line is not the only interesting thing about them. With this series you enter an entire world of gripping characters and plot lines. And as I said, she ends this one with another cliffhanger to leave us wanting more. I’ve already started to read the third Kyler book, and have the rest waiting to follow – I suggest you do the same 😉


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