Love Is Murder: Thriller 3 (Bullet Catcher #8.75)

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Love Is Murder: Thriller 3 (Bullet Catcher #8.75) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Love Is Murder: Thriller 3 (Bullet Catcher #8.75) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Love Is Murder: Thriller 3 (Bullet Catcher #8.75) audiobook free

Sandra, Sandra… Don\’t put your words out there recommending other authors. They can\’t hold a candle to what you write. I have read all your best sellers and, as a Sandra Brown fan, I will only be disappointed to confirm that no author can write the romantic thriller the way that you do. These authors don\’t have your sense of humor, your talent to twist the plot. Not one of the authors in this collection made me laugh out loud or marvel at the way you tie it up. You spoiled me, Sandra Brown.


Review #2

Love Is Murder: Thriller 3 (Bullet Catcher #8.75) audiobook streamming online

Sandra Brown I have been a long time reader of your excellent books and shortly found an excellent vignette of other fine authors which I enjoyed but missed your usual works and then final one I read was a Lee Child short story which reminded me that I have to read another of his masterpieces so I will leave it to other readers to decide.


Review #3

Audiobook Love Is Murder: Thriller 3 (Bullet Catcher #8.75) by Sandra Brown – editor

So, it averages out to 2.7 Stars, so I rounded up to 3. This was an okay read. They only use two different voice actors to read this book, which I found to be annoying and I did not really enjoy the female voice at all. Here is a breakdown of each individual story: DIAMOND DROP by Roxanne St. Claire 4 stars COLD MOONLIGHT by Carla Neggers 5 stars POISONED by Beverly Barton DNF SPEECHLESS by Robert Browne 2 stars LOCKDOWN by Andrea Kane 4 stars SPIDERS TANGO by William Simon 5 stars NIGHT HEAT by Laura Griffin 5 stars B.A.D. MISSION by Sherrilyn Kenyon 5 stars DEADLY FIXATION by Dianna Love DNF HOT NOTE by Patricia Rosemoor 3 stars LAST SHOT by Jon Land & Jeff Ayers — DNF GRAVE DANGER by Heather Graham — DNF WITHOUT MERCY by Mariah Stewart 5 stars EVEN STEVEN by D.P. Lyle 5 stars, but I am unhappy with how it ended. So many questions. DYING TO SCORE by Cindy Gerard 4 stars. Might try and read the other books in the series. THE NUMBER OF MAN by J.T. Ellison 3 stars HARD DRIVE by Bill Floyd 3 stars AFTER HOURS by William Bernhardt 4 stars. Somewhere between a 3 and a 4 star. It was interesting. BLOOD IN, BLOOD OUT by Brenda Novak 3 stars WED TO DEATH by Vicki Hinze 2 stars THE HONEYMOON by Julie Kenner 1 star. I finished it, but it was not worth it. EXECUTION DOCK by James Macomber 5 stars, if this is a series I would like to try it out. IN ATLANTIS by Alexandra Sokoloff 3 stars. The art angle was pretty interesting. I still have no idea what happened and I hate that in a book. BREAK EVEN by Pamela Callow 2 stars. What was that ending?!? DIRTY DOWN LOW by Debra Webb 4 stars BROKEN HALLELUJAH by Toni McGee Causey 2 Stars I might like this couple in a full-length novel, but in this short story it just doesnt work. And I hate the romance drama ugh.\” HOLDING MERCY by Lori Armstrong 1 Star VACATION INTERRUPTED by Allison Brennan DNF I HEARD A ROMANTIC STORY by Lee Child 1 Star I love Lee Child, but I did not love this story.


Review #4

Audio Love Is Murder: Thriller 3 (Bullet Catcher #8.75) narrated by Christopher Lane Shannon McManus

I enjoy reading Sandra Brown books.


Review #5

Free audio Love Is Murder: Thriller 3 (Bullet Catcher #8.75) – in the audio player below

disliked everything..never finished one story


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