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Lover Revealed audiobook – Audience Reviews


Hi there, are you looking for Lover Revealed audiobook free? If yes, you are in the right place! scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it, thanks.


Review #1

Lover Revealed full audiobook free


This is the story of Butch and Marissa. They were introduced in book 1, and have been appearing ever since. Butch was taken by the lessers and tortured, then the Omega put part of himself in Butchs stomach. Vishous was able to remove most of it and heal Butch, but there is still something left. Some connection. Butch is awesome, he used to be a cop, but after discovering Vampires, he took to the life. He is now roommates with Vishous in the Pit, he wears all designer clothes, shoes, watches, wallets, and drives an Escalade, and he is willing to get into it with a bunch of Lessers to protect civilian vampires, and wont give away the brothers even after unbearable torture.

Im thinking Marissa is pretty much a selfish bitch sometimes. I mean she knows how much Butch loves her. She knows he wants to be the one that feeds her, she knows that he doesnt want her to go to this other guy to feed her, so what does she do? Instead of talking to him about it and trying to come up with a mutually agreeable plan, like maybe using V, or possibly another friend, she just dematerializes and goes to Rehvenge to feed.

Also when she know he wants to change she just immediately says. If I asked you, would you not do it? When it should be his choice not hers. She has to know in something like that, if she forced a choice on him it would end up in resentment and that would sour the relationship later on. But it isnt until he explains his entire childhood and reasoning to her that she finally agrees to let him make the choice of what to do with his own body.

And by the way, after Butchs story about his childhood, all I can say is what the heck is wrong with his siblings. They should have seen that the parents were nuts and stood up for him. So I say he is better of with Vishous and the brothers.

Then Marissa does it again after the Scribe Virgin tells Butch and Vishous about how they were meant to find each other so the light can benefit the dark and how Butch is now the Dhestroyer. She doesnt care how he can possibly save her species, she just cares that she doesnt want him to get hurt because she might lose him. She also doesnt care that this is what he wants to do with his life, now that she is running a shelter and happy with her life. I am really hating her, but I love the book because I love Butch and V so much. They are completely awesome.

The storyline about John is coming along as well too. He is still suffering about what happened to him in that stairwell of the building he was crashing in before Wellsie found him. He even beat up Lash for ragging on him and one of the other guys after training one day. He thinks nobody will understand what he went through, especially Zsadist, since John saw Zsadist and Bella being so loving. I cant wait until he actually opens up to Zsadist for some advice. You know that is coming since they go on walks every night.


Review #2

Lover Revealed audiobook in series The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series


Marissa was better toward the end but I hated the domestic violence from her when butch is a abuse victim. Marissa was weak and selfish and at the last bit of the book Beth the queen and her clones I call Bella and Mary clones because they lack personality and almost always end up sounding and behaving like Beth anyway they talk sense into marissa and she finally stops being a weakling and supported Butch through his new lifestyle. Beth Marissa Mary and Bella lack so much personality its sometimes bothersome. Im hoping the next few books the women are likable Hermione Granger the feminist wizard makes these women look like crumbled paper lol theres nothing interesting about the shellans other than them being good shellans. the gay relationship between V and Butch lol its interesting but Im happy they chose not to go there with each other they have a brief moment they mightve gone further if butch didnt have Marissa and they didnt have an audience. I want the characters to have more personality so far Butch is the only one beaming with personality snide remarks and jokes and laughter here and everywhere hes my favorite character. I like the twins Zsadist has personality and John as well. V has personality when Butch is nearby and Phury has personality depending on others around him. Rhage is only fun when hes with a group of ppl. Everyone else is boring .


Review #3

Lover Revealed audiobook by J. R. Ward


SPOILER: (I love Butch, the Dhestroyer), almost as much as I do Zsadist – end of SPOILER. My heart aches for Vishous and I’m so glad his book, Lover Unbound, is next. Hopefully, it will make me want to read other books in the series, as it’s the last one I purchased. I want to know if Darius will make a return; or when/if John transitions; or if Thorment returns and if so, will be return in time for John’s transition.

In spite of wanting to know the answers to those questions, I’m disturbed by the continuing use of the Lord’s name in vain. The constant change in the point of view (POV) is giving me whiplash. Sometimes the change in POV happened willy-nilly, often disrupting the flow of the book. I didn’t like Marissa as well as I did the other mates. Butch is more than worthy of becoming a warrior but I don’t know that Marissa is worthy of him. She constantly pushed him away. In spite of her no longer caring about what the vampire high society thought of her, how could she let go of 300 years of ingrained behaviour. It seems that she only accepted him because of his possibilities.


Review #4

Lover Revealed audio narrated by Jim Frangione


3.5-4 stars. I didnt think Id enjoy the story development between Butch ONeal and Marissa, but I did. Butch has been a misfit his whole life, never quite fitting in anywhere or with anyone, but seems to mesh well with the Brotherhood. Other than being an actual vampire himself, hes an asset to the team and has true feelings for one of the glymera females, Marissa. Yet not being a vampire places limitations on his capabilities, too, since hes human. What I loved most was Butchs endless devotion to the Brotherhood, V in particular. He and V have a bromance for the ages that is more than just simply two roommates. Butch is the same way with Marissa, making sure to look out for her and prioritize her. She surprised me with how much stronger she became after everything that happened and I enjoyed the conversations between she and Beth. I was hardly shocked with the turn of events regarding Butch and hope to get more answers about his lineage. As always, there are other coexisting storylines and I can just tell that John Matthew is going to have quite the explosive transformation when his turn comes. Im eager to see he and Z connect even further in the future.


Review #5

free audio Lover Revealed – in the audio player below


I love this book. We learn more about Butch past and his relationship with the brothers. I feel that Marissa has come into her own in this book.

You get a couple of chapters from John point of view. And we left screaming hoping that he will find out who he really is.

I love this series. I am currently buying each paperback.

If your a new reader I suggest you start from the beginning. And you want something to stick your teeth into then this is the one.

The only reason I didn’t give it a five star was because she could have went into more detail on butch is family. See more of their side of view. Of why he doesn’t get on with them. I felt part of his history was missing.

I wanted to see him interact with his family. Turn and say to them that I got a new one now. Stuff like that.

But good read.


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