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Lover Unveiled audiobook – Audience Reviews


Hi there, are you looking for Lover Unveiled audiobook free? If yes, you are in the right place! scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it, thanks.


Review #1

Lover Unveiled full audiobook free


I am 38% in and as confessed as heck. Too many side plot that take away from the main character. Plots that are just plain boring. That time could be spent with the brothers. I will power thru and update this rating..So sad.
Update : Took a while to fully understand that that I have to say goodbye to this series. This is heartbreaking for me, I spend years reading, re-reading living with my BDB family . This book was not about the BDB this book is a fallen Angel book with the brothers as cameos This book is a Devina book if you don’t know who she is then you are tough out of luck . All the humor and funny lines in book were given to her.

I don’t know when Mrs Ward lost the plot. She could have end the series after after the death of the Omega and lessening society.. She have so many spin off series set in the Brotherhood ,this book belongs in one of them .. I am lost for word that she thought, this poorly written book with every chapter is the point of view of people that are not the main characters of this book can be sold for nearly $16.00. My advice if and that’s a big if you want to put yourself through the pain of reading this book, get it from your local library..


Review #2

Lover Unveiled audiobook in series The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series


I have just read about 20% of this book and am thoroughly impressed with the plot, the characters and the whole feeling of it. After the last few books in the series I was not expecting much so this was a very pleasant surprise. I just wanted to let everyone know that you are in for a treat, JR Ward is back in top form. I will update this review when I’m finished with the book (it is quite long).
(Update) I finished reading this book and am pleased to say it is as good as the first 20% was. The story of Mae and Sahvage was the anchor for a whole new subseries within the Brotherhood world. There will be demons, witches, warlocks, etc. Lassiter may get a love interest he didn’t expect, the Thief will also get a lover and the Demon will lick her wounds and come back for more mayhem. I am anxiously awaiting what the next book in the series will bring as Ms Ward has given us a glimpse of a whole new universe of stories within the Brotherhood world.


Review #3

Lover Unveiled audiobook by J. R. Ward


A long time lover of the BDB’s, Ive asked myself how long can this series go on? Overall, the quality seems to be failing. There are moments the stories and characters harken back to greatness but this book feels cobbled together, disjointed. Characters almost unlikeable. Love pops up but Im not convinced. Characters come on and off the stage…then suddenly, the book ends. Wow, not much payoff there…it just ends with a whimper.
Lassiter’s becoming more interesting. There are seeds of future stories. Somehow, while the main characters were on the stage often something is missing. The gap between them seems insurmountable. She sounds too young and he, too old. Even romantic scenes lack pizzaz. It was..yeah, that happened, then this happened, the end.


Review #4

Lover Unveiled audio narrated by Jim Frangione


It feels like I’ve waited for decades for Lover Unveiled, and it did not disappoint. The climatic ending is going to thrill you and frustrate you as Ward sets up future storylines that you want right now. Not another year wait! Please, oh great one, the writer known as J. R. Ward, I am begging you, please don’t make me wait another year to know Lassiter’s story! Ok, so I realize my pitiful review has given no summary, no detailed critique, but come on, it’s a Black Dagger Brotherhood novel by J. R. Ward. Do you really need to read a review to help you decide to buy Lover Unveiled? Black Dagger Brotherhood, J. R. Ward, that’s all you need to know. Buy it, read it, and hold on tight, it’s a wild, wild ride.


Review #5

free audio Lover Unveiled – in the audio player below


I cannot believe that this was written by J.R. Ward. It can’t be possible. It is like untying cooked spaghetti’s. The Brothers are relegated to an afterthought. It has no continuity and the series needs an ending to make sense. Sorry, but it was really hard work to read and go back and forth to figure what was really going on in this book. Disappointed is not strong enough of a statement. If you want the real energy and flavor of The Brotherhood, re-read the 1st to the last book in the series in order.


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