Mage Shifter (Magical Creatures Academy #3)

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Mage Shifter (Magical Creatures Academy #3) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Mage Shifter (Magical Creatures Academy #3) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Mage Shifter (Magical Creatures Academy #3) audiobook free

I have read Three of her series so far and this is my favorite. I loved the characters and the way they merged into their own little family. They started out as misfits and ended up being extraordinary because of their differences. I haven\’t figured out how a tree shifter can help in any situation that comes up but I just know that it will end up being spectacular because that\’s what Lucia Ashta does. The way her mind works is Amazing and She leaves me shocked at the things she comes up with. Do yourself a huge favor and buy her books they will brighten up your days and fill them up with magical delight.


Review #2

Mage Shifter (Magical Creatures Academy #3) audiobook in series Magical Creatures Academy

This book is listed under \”Children\’s Science Fiction & Fantasy (Books)\”. I listen to all three books in this series: Magical Creatures Academy. The story line and character development was done fairly well. A great narrator was chosen to read the story and did and excellent job. I would have give this series 4 to 5 stars if it had not been for the profanity placed in a \”Children\’s Series Book\”. Please be advised that the profanity and adult content is too hard core to classify this as a children\’s book.


Review #3

Audiobook Mage Shifter (Magical Creatures Academy #3) by Lucia Ashta

I love that Rinas story folded up…details were dropped into place and I am, ready to jump into Jas mind. I do wish she had kept the pet and fed him lettuce and scraps. The authors mind must be a fun place to vacation. Sedona has always been one of my most favorite places to go. The have the location be inside the mountains in one of the truest most beautiful places makes me adore this series even more….one to the next one.


Review #4

Audio Mage Shifter (Magical Creatures Academy #3) narrated by Kate Marcin

Rina finds herself in a rather nasty situation, at the beginning of this book. She has to defeat Lender\’s brother, Galen, heir to the elven throne, if she wants to openly date Leander. With this over her head, and the fact that Rand and Fury stole her lion, she soon finds herself in even more trouble. This book had me.cheering, tense, crying, and the entire emotional spectrum as I followed Rina. Crore at read, and I wouldn\’t change a thing! Now for book four!!!


Review #5

Free audio Mage Shifter (Magical Creatures Academy #3) – in the audio player below

Book 3 of Magical Creatures Academy begins with Rina in the Fae Kingdom for winter break. She and her elf prince are falling hard for one another much to the king\’s dismay. A truce of sorts is settled on that Rina will battle the Prince Heir to see of she can prove her worth. Will Rina be able to stay with her prince? When everyone returns for the next term at MCA will everything be back to normal? Or will there be new threats to Rina & Ky?


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