MASS EFFECT Revelation

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MASS EFFECT Revelation Audiobook

Humans thought that they were the most developed species in the world but that was a thought that existed when they didn’t know about other living beings in the galaxy. Protheans existed on Mars more than fifty thousand years ago and the technology which they had in hand was something that humans were never able to think about. However, all of it does not matter now because Protheans have gone extinct and their technology lies in the hands of mankind now.

MASS EFFECT Revelation

After getting that technology, humans also flourished in the galaxy and formed colonies on different planets. Everything was working fine for the humans when David Anderson found a military research station being attacked brutally.

Everyone present in the station was killed by the invader and the only survivor was Kahlee Sanders i.e a young scientist working in the station. Sanders ran out of the station a little while before the attack which makes her character look suspicious. Anderson is sure that Sanders is the one who is behind the whole thing so he goes after her with the help of an alien friend.

Free audiobook MASS EFFECT Revelation

Meanwhile, a strange assassin is seen who wants to hunt down Anderson. One thing becomes clear i.e the issue is bigger than it appears to the eye. Drew Karpyshyn writes fantastically and David Collacci’s narration makes everything more engaging. The story is enriched with details like Dynasty of Evil and Path of Destruction. At no point, the listener will feel any kind of difficulty in understanding the story and its concept. Easy words are used and the thoughts of the author are all well described.

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