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Ruthless Empire audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Ruthless Empire audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Ruthless Empire audiobook free

Chaos. Nietzche once said you need chaos within you to birth a star. Cole said there was freedom in it. And Coles story is about chaos, the chaos of loving someone- the disorder that births something freeing, something beautiful. Ruthless Empire gives us a powerful story of a chaotic connection, a story that explores the magestic peace that comes from disruption, and the strength that comes from vulnerability.

My hesitancy to dive into this story was real-and not only because Im so bereft at this being the last full book in the Royal Elite series. I knew this couple would be as challenging as they are rewarding- Cole is threateningly mysterious, while Silver is a cold mean girl. Both were hard to imagine with any sort of vulnerability, though I knew their dispassionate restraint would be fascinating to unpack and rattle. But these two struck me emotionally, and they struck me hard.

If youve read the other books, we know some of what we see on the surface, that these two have been circling each other like sharks in the water for a while. Cole and Silver have a story that spans back to childhood- two former childhood friends who now are constantly at each others throats, a love- hate sizzling energy that took over pretty much any scene. Personal tragedies and expectations have scarred them- the infamous kidnapping of the boys, the sins and tragedies of their parents bleeding out on them, the weight of being children of the rich and powerful. And, as theyve aged and internalized that baggage, theyve changed, both brilliantly and subtly creating a protective facade that has ensured aspects of their true selves are vaulted away. Their worlds were always connected, but when their parents decide to marry, any glimmer of distance and separation between them is vaporized- no aspect of their lives are now free from the other.

What Rina explores here that we dont know, however, is just why both of these characters feel the need to mask themselves behind disinterest and thinly veiled hostility, especially towards each other. Rina gives us a rivetingly intimate window into the foundation and evolution of their connection. Through carefully placed flashbacks and alternating POV we get a powerful and unfiltered understanding of both of these characters’ beautiful minds and conflicted hearts- and it is so raw, so authentic, and so very captivating.

Cole has always seemed the most ominous of the elites to me-a palpable darkness always seems to be looming around him. Unlike Aiden, it doesnt seem to stem from anger or emotion- Cole always seemed so calculated and clinical in his darkness. And those things are true- and we discover why. Just why is Cole so compelled by chaos mongering? And oh my heart, Cole is a revelation of a character. Hes by far the most interesting, most complex of the leading men to date. We get the possessive, dark alpha with a damaged heart we know to expect in a Rina story- but Cole is different. Hes by far the most lethal of the leading men, but hes also the most self-aware and most self-actualized. To me, he felt the most vulnerable. His journey is less about figuring himself out (because he already knows) and more about finding a way to let someone into what he is- someone that compliments his chaos, but also settles it. Coles journey is about discovering that chaos isnt always destructive and camouflaging- chaos can be healing, and it can be exposing. And his catalyst? Silver Queens.

Of course, like everyone else, I didnt love Silver going into this book, but I trusted Rina wouldnt give us someone shallow and cruel. Rina did more than redeem her- second to Kim she may be the most empathetic and emotionally vulnerable character Rina has written. I related to her so strongly that I was a bit unsettled. The Silver weve seen nothing like the Silver Rina give us in the book, because the Silver weve seen is a cocoon- a protective shield for the vulnerable and evolving creature inside.

And their chemistry- WOW. Both of them have scars theyre shielding, but really, what connects them most, is the fact that they are both so incredibly lonely, self-isolated out of design. Surrounded by people who know them, they are actually well and truly alone. Until they find each other- until they SEE each other, flaws and all, and that is scary to them. These are two characters who loathe vulnerability, see it as weakness, and whove spent years perfecting their impenetrable shields. But they pierce each other, easily and repeatedly. The intensity of this connection, the frenetic tension, the emotional depth of their relationship- I felt it so keenly down in the depths of my soul. Because these two characters have been written in the stars.and in the Rina Kent pages..theyve been orbiting around each other like two frenetic planets just waiting to collide to create a brilliant supernova. But their collision is more of a metamorphosis, their love a protective and healing chrysalis that surfaces a reborn butterfly, one vulnerable and exposed but so raw and majestic in its beauty.

The prose, as usual, is really powerful- Rina has a way putting words to feelings and emotions that creates such a visceral experience. What I loved most about her narrative approach in this story was the contrast- contrasting moments of chaos with moments of tranquility, the harsh and painful with the adorably sweet, the dark with the light. Like all stories, there is mystery both in the past and present that are influencing our characters- and TONS of secrets, but that action real takes a back seat for much of this book (and then hits us in the face hard later)- which made this story feel markedly more intimate, more focused and meta than some of the others. All of which fits these characters- they are contrasting, they struggle with intimacy, they are enchantingly meta.

Cole and Silvers story is as profound as it is entertaining- its depth stemming from its unflinchingly intimate narrative, the focus on the connection between these two riveting characters Ruthless Empire has such nuanced emotional depth, such a moving resonance, because in this story, with true chaos comes vulnerability, and when you have connection and love, that vulnerability is anything but weak.


Review #2

Ruthless Empire audiobook streamming online

Originally 4.5 but Listed as 4 Stars, but the Audiobook made this Book Even More Enjoyable!

I Give This Book a 4.5/5 Star Rating, Listing as 5.

Updated: September 11, 2020
Oh My Goodness was this Audiobook Amazing!
Seriously If You thought the Book was Great, The Audiobook Was Spectacular!
Oh My Goodness Shane East was Perfect for this book and boy can he vocalize psychotic well
That Second Epilogue IS E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!!!

The Audio Made This Book Darker & Cemented Silver & Coles Relationship Even More! and it was Simply Perfect.
I Actually have to say that Im glad that I read the Book first & Heard the Audio Second because then I could sit back and listen and visualize the story even more, already knowing whats going to happen, but you find yourself catching pieces you mightve unknowingly missed the first time like you do when you watch a movie over and over.
I Cant Praise This Audio Enough. Such a Memorable Audio!
Narrators: 5/5!
Format Read: eBook & Audiobook

Older Review:
HEA(?): Yes!
Dark(?): I Love DARK books so my rating will be different from others. 3.5-4/5
Drama: 5/5
Suspense: 5/5
Predictability: 1.5-2/5
Heat: 4.5-5/5
Romance: 4-4.5-5/5, I couldnt decide, but I think this rating fits actually Lol.

I Will Give ZERO Spoilers.
I Definitely Suggests reading this Series in order, but you can read this one as a Standalone.
I will continuously reread this book over and over again, there were surprises around every single corner!
I Really Didnt Want This Book to End!!

But it did feel a tad bit rushed near the last half, cause I was a tad confused here and there. I personally wouldve preferred their book to be a duet rather than a single book.

I Highly Anticipate the Upcoming Epilogue Novella & I Desperately NEED Jonathan Kings Books Now!!
I Seriously hope that the Other Dads Get Books as well!


Review #3

Audiobook Ruthless Empire by Rina Kent

The moment I first read about Cole Nash as a side character in October 2020 I fell in love and knew I needed his story. Several months later it was beyond worth the wait! Cole is dark, jealous, possessive, obsessed and loves to torment Silver, his childhood friend/enemy turned stepsister. Silver is constantly competing with Cole and trying to fit the image her family expects her to fill, but shes attracted to Cole’s darkness like a moth to a flame. This story was everything going from their childhood to hitting various scenes from the other books to the present. It filled in gaps to many questions I had without disrupting the flow of the plot or feeling awkward. There is a dark mystery in the middle of the book that adds another layer of suspense and resulted in a shock I didn’t see coming. Silver and Cole have so much tension and chemistry. Cole is kinkier than his group of friends and you get a good mixture of heat in this book. While there is plenty of heat Silver and Cole have an emotional connection that runs deep and outshines their physical one. I loved every minute of their journey together. What i loved even more was they were both designed as flawed characters. Silver especially starts out as a villain in the series and this book erased all of that past for me. Her motivations are clearly explained while her actions are still wrong. She puts on a facade for those around her as does Cole and only the other really sees all the imperfections behind the image. If you like forbidden love this book checks that box with the step sibling trope with parents in politics. Ruthless Empire may be my favorite book of Rina’s to date and it did not disappoint and leave me with unmet expectations. I loved every moment of the chaos just like Cole.


Review #4

Audio Ruthless Empire narrated by Keira Stevens Shane East

I am so sad this series has came to an end. That being said, this was a fantastic finale. Lots of twists and turns I didnt see coming. I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. It was so good!

This series is definitely going on my favourites pile to re-read. I just cant say good bye to these characters.


Review #5

Free audio Ruthless Empire – in the audio player below

I disliked the fact it wouldnt load to my kindle!
Read it on my kindle iCloud in the end and enjoyed it but I kept skipping to find the parts that were mentioned in previous books to work out the relevance.
Great playlist though.


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