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Meet Me There (Ridgewater High #1) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Meet Me There (Ridgewater High #1) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Meet Me There (Ridgewater High #1) audiobook free

When I purchased the book, I realized what I would be reading. I found the beginning fairly ridiculous even for a YA romance in that Ashley couldn’t figure out who “British Boy” was. Luke must be a true masculine Meryl Streep to pull off an accent to fool Ashley so completely.

But, I have to admit I found both characters extremely appealing and how they grew closer together over time. Another aspect is that the book was not overcrowded with an excess of characters who have their own love story in the next two books. Often an abundance are thrown in and causes the reader to really start skimming.

I honestly felt this was Luke’s story. He had the most sadness and grief that he took out on Ashley as a way to deal with his life. However, Luke’s behavior and true feelings toward Ashley seem to drive the story toward its goal. Ashley turned out to be the one person he could share his pain with who actually cared.

Ms Corry created a warm and loving rapport between Luke and Ashley.
I like how the story is told from the two POVs so the reader realizes how the two feel at specific moments.

I liked that there was not too much angst that often appear in YA romances.
The ending really matures into a truly satisfying HEA.


Review #2

Meet Me There (Ridgewater High #1) audiobook streamming online

There’s something so delicious about a secret identity romance and this one, set in a dark corner of a high school, was pure fun. Although I keep getting older, these teen romances will always hold a piece of my heart, catapulting me back to the good parts of my past.

Full of cuteness and fluff, I wasn’t expecting the thick ribbon of depth that I found. I loved watching the story unravel, as the characters grew and matured. I loved feeling different emotions, without wading into too much angst, and the dancing scenes were an added bonus.

Content: mild romance (kisses); mild moments of seriousness (death, bullying, abuse, etc)


Review #3

Audiobook Meet Me There (Ridgewater High #1) by Judy Corry

Im pretty sure this is my first book by Judy Corry, and I dont think it will be my last. This is also the first book Ive read in a while that I bought on a whim. I think I saw the cover or a teaser or something on Twitter, clicked the link for Amazon, skimmed the preview, and the next thing I know Id one clicked.

Im sure glad I did, too, because Meet Me There was an absolute treat! My Kindle read this to me over the course of two days (probably 6.5 hours?) at work. (Yeah, I know, my job is amazing.)

I bought the book because the concept reeled me in. A couple of teens who have had a prank rivalry going on? Sound awesome! A British accent? Like 99% of all American girls, I swooned a little.

So yeah, youve got Ashlyn the dancer whos falling for this mystery British boy, and youve got Luke, the cute football player whos always pranking her and also pretending to be said British boy. As theyre falling for each other with his pretend identity, shes enlisted to teach him to dance for a fundraiser event. Obviously hijinks and swoon-worthy moments are going to ensure.

Seriously though, scroll up and read the blurb if you skipped it. This book is absolutely adorable and is pretty much guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face. I wish I had written this book. Wait, no, I dont. Because then I wouldnt have had the pleasure of reading this book. But really, if you love sweet romance stories featuring realistic characters with steamy chemistry, give this book a try.

Once Im caught up on my backlist a little more Im sure Ill somehow find my way back to Amazon to pick up the second book in this series, Dont Forget Me.


Review #4

Audio Meet Me There (Ridgewater High #1) narrated by Amy Melissa Bentley Brandon Utah

Pretty fun! The general premise requires a heavy dose of suspension-of-disbelief, but the execution proved *just* dramatic enough to sweep me up in the excitement without being angsty. And I liked the characters! (I’m not a YA, so those are lofty praises.)
Two things that bothered me–the Big Reveal was in kind of a peaceful moment, when I was expecting it to be a climax! It could’ve been used to build up much better narrative tension. I think that part would’ve been better from Ashlyn’s POV, too, because her ‘betrayed’ perspective would’ve been more compelling.
The other thing was a lot of on-the-nose dialogue, mostly from Ashlyn. It was so bad in the last chapter and epilogue that I skimmed to the end. It oscillated between sincerely sweet, and cringey. That’s got to be a difficult thing to balance.
But I’d still recommend! I have the next book in the series already and I’m going to go ahead and read it.


Review #5

Free audio Meet Me There (Ridgewater High #1) – in the audio player below

I almost stopped reading a few chapters into the book. The writing just seemed poor. The author told us what the characters felt instead of describing their thoughts and letting us feel it ourselves. Also, the characters felt very tedious and two dimensional in the beginning. But I kept reading and I’m glad I did, ‘cos it got much better. It has a nice development of the characters and their feelings for each other. However, the sudden change of romantic interest in the ending of the book just seemed really weird and forced to me. It just doesn’t work like that. Anyway, it was still a good read and I’m rounding the 3,5 stars up to 4 stars for an overall nice read.


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