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It is said that a big house has big secrets but this is taken just as a saying as no such thing exists in the real world. Well, that’s what Noemi Taboada thought about the phrase until she got a letter from her distressed cousin. Her cousin wanted some help urgently against her husband and his family which according to her looked suspicious to her from the wedding day.

When Noemi reached the High Place she realized that her cousin was right after all. There was a suspicious touch in the family especially the husband of Noemi’s cousin who had a strange look in the eyes for the ladies. The father-in-law was also not very different he too used to watch Noemi with a strange impression which she just could not understand. Only one helping the girl was the youngest in the family who too looked a little timid at times.

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There were a lot of things that the young boy wanted to tell these ladies but it appears that someone has zipped his lips with the power of authority. As Noemi investigates further she realizes that there exists a skeleton in every closet of the High Place and the family has been burying a lot of secrets over the past many years.

Now there are two ways for her either get to the bottom of all this or get buried with the rest of the secrets. Silvia Moreno-Garcia the one who wrote Gods of Jade and Shadow and Signal to Noise in the past arouses mystery and fear in this novel. One changed approach is that the main girl is not making a lot of hues and cries rather she is ready to face the main devil at its den. Narrator Frankie Corzo gets into full bloom after the middle because it is at this point when the story gets violent.

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