Mr. CEO (Bad Boy Next Door #3)

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Mr. CEO (Bad Boy Next Door #3) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Mr. CEO (Bad Boy Next Door #3) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Mr. CEO (Bad Boy Next Door #3) audiobook free

Theyve done it again!!!!! Romance authors and dynamic duo, Lauren Landish & Willow Winters bring their A game with Mr. CEO. 5 explosive stars!!! Its going to be difficult to keep my excitement at bay while writing this review. This book was that good! I just want to scream that from the rooftop! Lets get it started, shall we? Logan Parker, Billionaire Business Mogul and CEO of Parker-Moore Enterprises. A billion-dollar company he inherited after his father suffered a debilitating stroke. He was ready for the responsibility. After all, his father groomed him to take over the company from a very young age. His relationship with his father is not an easy one and Logan often finds he has no patience in dealing with him but does so because thats his father. Hes got it all Devastatingly good looks, a keen eye for business and more money than he could ever spend in his lifetime. He also has a dirty mouth and no filter. I loved that about him. He just says whatever he wants. That just makes him all the more interesting, irresistible and downright delicious. Who wouldnt love that????? Logan also has a secret that could change the course of his life. A secret only his best friend and business partner Trent Morgan knows and hes not talking. He doesnt have time for relationships and has sworn off companionship. In his own words, Theres a reason he keeps everyone away. Charlotte Rose Harrison is beautiful, smart and sassy. Shes also the newly hired Keynote Speaker for Armcorp. Shes been sent to Las Vegas to give a presentation at a business conference. But shes distracted and not sure she can pull it off. You see, Charlotte is struggling with the overwhelming pain caused by the ultimate betrayal by her dirt bag cheating ex-boyfriend Ian and her former skanky best friend and coworker Sarah. Its there, in the hotel bar, that she has her first encounter with Logan. Both Charlotte and Logan find themselves drawn to each other even though they havent met. Logan helps Charlotte out of an uncomfortable situation but when his back is turned, she leaves the bar and flees to her room. Logan soon discovers that Charlotte is set to speak at the conference hes attending.. He refers to her as My Rose because she was meant to be a Rose and also because of the color of her lips and delicate features, so for the sake of this review I will also refer to her as Rose. During the conference the following day, Rose is nervously delivering her speech and is trying to calm her nerves when she looks up and comes face to face with the hottie from the bar sitting at one of the tables. She doesnt understand the instant need that runs through her blood at the mere sight of him. The two end up getting together for a night of fiery passion neither one is expecting. Holy cow, if Im not mistaken, it was so hot, they singed the bed sheets. In the morning, Rose sneaks out leaving only a sticky note thanking him for the night they spent together. Little does Rose know that Logan was in Las Vegas to buy one of two companies. One of them being Armcorp. After his intense and exciting encounter with her, he makes the decision that he wants her to be close to him and what better way to make that happen than to buy Armcorp so he sets the gears in motion to make that happen. You can imagine her surprise when she arrives at work only to discover Armcorp has been sold and all the employees must report to the new location if they want to keep working for the company. She also discovers that the new CEO of the company is her sex on legs one night stand, Logan Parker. Rose needs this job. She has rent to pay so she shows up at Parker-Moore Enterprises and reports for duty, fully expecting to be fired from her position given her hot little tryst with the Mr. CEO. Does that happen? Not quite In fact, Logan assigns her as the new Sales Manager. He doesnt give her this position because of their night together. He fully believes she is capable. Once the meeting is adjourned, he asks to speak with Rose privately. Logan tries to convince her to have a sexual relationship with him, at the office only, and having her close to him on a daily basis makes this arrangement possible. Shes not easily swayed but eventually gives in to her attraction to him and agrees to the arrangement. However, its agreed that it must be kept secret. No one can find out about it. Rose doesnt want anyone thinking she slept her way into her new management position. Now their lust filled, sizzling, crazy emotional ride together begins. Will it be an easy ride? Hell no, but the best romances are never easy. What happens next you ask? What could go wrong? Plenty, but my lips are sealed! This couple face some very tough problems The sexy time between the two is the best kind of OMG good and will leave you breathless and your heart palpitating. YOWZA!!! Will Rose be able to move on after her heart was broken by her ex? Will she risk her heart again? Will she be able to maintain a no strings relationship with a man who she is falling in love with that has sworn off companionship? Is it possible for them both to embrace and accept the feelings that are developing between them and make a go at having a real relationship? What happens when someone who holds a grudge against Logan seeks vengeance and will do anything to destroy him professionally by invading his privacy in the worst way possible and going after the one thing that means everything to him, his Rose? And most importantly, when Logans most private secret is revealed (I was gutted to the core when this secret was revealed and had myself several ugly cries), will it be too late for them or will they find the strength within themselves to pick themselves up and fight the good fight? A fight for a future together? One Click this fantastic, fast paced, suspenseful and emotional read. RIGHT NOW!!! But be prepared and have tissues and a fire extinguisher handy! This book will wreak havoc on your emotions and have you breathing heavy.its scorching!!!!! MR. C.E.O. IS H.O.T.!!! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. I also purchased my own copy.


Review #2

Mr. CEO (Bad Boy Next Door #3) audiobook in series Bad Boy Next Door

An ok, slow moving, repetitive, predictable story but told well enough, for this genre. I didnt like how fast Charlotte gave in to Logan. I didnt like how weak and easy she was. How she practically fell into Logans well endowed lap. I wanted her to have a back bone and be stubborn and strong. She was none of those things. Shes up-and-down, running hot and cold. Shes a mess….wishy-washy…and even though Logan is the one to blame for her indecisiveness and insecurities, it was annoying and overdone. Whats more is details and descriptions of the characters are not reiterated. Not even halfway through the book Id forgotten what each of the characters looked like. I liked Logan however. Hes everything youd expect in a powerful CEO. Hes strong, bossy and arrogant and the author conveys his personality well. It was humorous how, after much manipulation and conniving, Logan gets what he wanted and it morphs into more than he anticipated. An entertaining cat and mouse chase, just poorly executed. Too many words missing or misspelled. Right when Id overlook it and forgive the errors , two more cropped up. Frustrating and unforgivable. Incorrect usage of words like: sitting/setting, loose/lose and then/than. Its upsetting to pay money for a book by a supposedly experienced author and find such errors.


Review #3

Audiobook Mr. CEO (Bad Boy Next Door #3) by Lauren Landish Willow Winters

** SPOILERS ALERT What can I say but, be still my beating heart! Holy shiz nit did this have me excited one moment, crying the next and thinking omg he is so freaking sweet after that! Logan Parker aka Mr. CEO himself is close to only two people, his father and co-worker Trent Morgan. His parents divorce and his mothers betrayal to his father has left him bitter. He trusts no one, gets what he wants and never apologizes. Well until his \”Rose\” changes everything! Charlotte Rose Harrison is a woman who has been betrayed by not only her ex-boyfriend but also her ex-coworker/friend. She is insecure and cares to much about what people think of her. But she is kindhearted and in the end shows how loyal she truly is. So Logan and Charlotte meet at a convention in Vegas. He is there to buy/invest in a company and she is a keynote speaker of one of the companies he is interested in. The physical attraction between the two can be felt across the room! Lets just say what usually happens in Vegas stays in Vegas or that is the saying, but in this case it\’s not what\’s going to happen! Charlotte thought she would never see Logan again after their one-night stand. Oh but he makes sure that will not be the case! Mr. CEO wants his \”Rose\” and he just became a silent partner of her company and is now her boss!!! The twists keep coming as a rival from Logan\’s past starts drama and Logan\’s health issues come out. Let me tell you I was in shock when the health issue came out cuz I was not expecting it to be that! I cried and my kids looked at me like I had lost my ever love\’n mind lmao. Well that\’s all the spoiler you are getting so go get the book cuz you will like it! How could I leave out that the sex scenes are steamy as hell, OMG THE SEX SCENES ARE SEXY A.F. PEOPLE!!!


Review #4

Audio Mr. CEO (Bad Boy Next Door #3) narrated by Alastair Haynesbridge Bunny Warren

A wonderfully written love story which has a little bit of a OMG moment towards the end, when a secret that someone is hiding is revealed . The two main characters are Logan , who is the very hot powerful CEO , and Charlotte Rose who he meets at a conference in Vegas . Of course he\’s immediately attracted to her and he decides that he\’s going to have her . Logan finds out that the company that she works for is one of the businesses that he\’ s been looking to take over so he decides to buy it so that he can be close to her . Of course they start an intense relationship with lots of hot sex which eventually leads to them falling in love with each other, but unbeknown to Charlotte , Logan is hiding a major health issue which up until now he\’s managed to keep under wraps . The inevitable happens , and as you can guess the secret doesn\’t stay hidden and Logan ends up having to have aggressive treatment for it . The ending is perfect although there\’s a further epilogue available if subscribe to the authors newsletter and download a further two chapters and that will give you an even happier ending .


Review #5

Free audio Mr. CEO (Bad Boy Next Door #3) – in the audio player below

Wow what a read!!! This was new authors for me and after reading the blurb it sounded like my type of story…well let me tell you I honestly LOVED it. This whole story takes you on a emotional rollercoaster and has some twist and turns, you are left mouth open at it…..the story its self is so well written, the characters are absolutely fantastic and you can honestly get sucked in to this story…. I loved Charlotte (Rose) and Logan lots….I loved there chemistry between them, office romance stories I love and are my favourite and this one didnt disappoint and the ending OMG I was left on tender hooks not knowing how it would end…. I will definitely read more from these authors and this book deserves 5 for sure. Its one I would recommend to anyone.


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