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My Infamous Life audiobook

Hi, are you looking for My Infamous Life audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

My Infamous Life audiobook free

I enjoyed the book as I can relate growing up in the projects in the south bronx and being a fan of Hip Hop. Additionally and more importantly I went to A&D (art & design) high school back in 1987-1991 and knew P in which we hung out just a few times. We even cut class together with some other friends and went drinking. Some of the things he mentioned in the book about our school is very true. Especially jumping out the window from cafeteria just to cut class. We lost touch after he left school so I recently picked up his book to read how his life played out after leaving school. Always been a fan of his Muzik until this day. I recommend the book to anyone who is a fan of Mobb Deep.


Review #2

My Infamous Life audiobook streamming online

I am a huge fan of autobiographies, and an even bigger fan of Hip-Hop and Prodigy/Mobb Deep. This book was so well-written, I wish he was still around to write many more. Reading this autobiography, is like reading or watching a prequel to your favorite movie. It gives you such a deeper understanding of his music/lyrics, and also the man that he was. When you listen to Mobb or Prodigy songs, you truly see that he lived what he spoke. As if I could not have been a bigger fan…this book made me appreciate his music 1,000 times more. One of the best and most enjoyable autobiographies I have ever read – even if I wasn’t a fan of his music. Everything about it is just excellent! A must-have book! Losing P was a tremendous loss to Hip-Hop, his community, and myself personally. Rest in Power, P!!!!


Review #3

Audiobook My Infamous Life by Albert “Prodigy” Johnson Laura Checkoway

Book is amazing but better audibly. The way its written has too much street slang to really appreciate this intelligent brother. I highly recommend the audio book because Prodigy’s narrating skills are amazing. Not only was he a dope mc but his narration skills excellent. A movie needs to be made on this. Rip p.


Review #4

Audio My Infamous Life narrated by Albert “Prodigy” Johnson

My Infamous Life written by Prodigy, is insightful and real. Prodigy takes you into his world and you feel as if you are going down memory lane right with him. The book has Many Many Lows, however as Prodigy explained he was child for 16-17 years and he has now seen the negative impacts of his decisions as a grown man. I hope that this book gets into the hands to many young people who have chosen a wayward life as he explains that his decisions did not lead him in the place he deserved. This book is coming from a person whose life was destined to be great, had opportunites not afforded to many. Yet and still got into the rap game and still chose the wrong paths. This from a person who could’ve had the world at its feet, still ended up doing foolish things. If you have a child who has chosen the wrong paths in life, this is a book for them. However, this book is real grimey, very street, and hood. Prodigy is the REAL DEAL in regards to the streets. The way he describes things will insight a child who is eager to do the wrong things or want to make a name for him/herself. Prodigy does not hold back on the details of the dirt, hurt, harm, and danger he caused. So please be mindful of the contents if sharing this book with a young impressionable person. In regards to his place in hip hop, there is no doubt that he could’ve been up there with NAS, Jay-Z, Tupac, or Biggie. He brings us a close insight of his aspect of the media made war of the east coast vs west coast drama that had taken the lives of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. If you want to know from his aspect of the rap game and business, this is a book to pick up and read. I hope that this book touches others but that Prodighy continues to live a life of peace and proseperity and gets back to rhyming just to show these newbies in the game what a real MC with real life situations is all about. Defintely this is a must read!


Review #5

Free audio My Infamous Life – in the audio player below

First of all, I am only halfway through this book. It is an honest account of Prodigy’s life from the beginning all the way through his fame after the infamous album hit. You see that Prodigy was raised in many ways priveledged, but also got caught up in the wrong crowd and robbed and beat up harmless people. At one point he describes at around 13 years old, he beat up an innocent kid after school, and broke his hand after hitting him. He even includes a pic of himself in a cast with Havoc laughing about it. His comrade, Killah Black, at one point kills someone for no other reason than taking their headphones.

Although i am a huge fan of Mobb Deep’s music, Prodigy in many ways brags about his thug behavior to the point that is is almost disturbing. Yes, he shows some remorse, but he also finds humor in shootouts and stabbings where none should exist. i would have prefered that Prodigy simply state the facts of what he went through in his brutal upbringing and life rather than brag and laugh about the violence that he inflicted and was witness too.

I do, however, think that the book is well-written and very honest, you learn about the story behind many of the tracks in his albums and all his wild antics. Despite some criticisms I do recommend this book, I just hope it does not steer some people in the wrong direction.


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