Never Split the Difference

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Never Split the Difference is a book about learning negotiating skills as if you are living a dependent life on it. The book is written by Chris Voss. He is a US-based businessman, academic, and author. He is also an ex-FBI hostage negotiator.

Michael Kramer is a good narrator for some specific fictional books. His voice didn’t work much towards the success of this audiobook. It was not easy to convey the message of this book conveniently in the inflexible and unsuitable voice of Michael Kramer for this novel.

The author of this book offers a new kind of a field-tested approach for making the high-stakes negotiation. This is applicable whether you are at home or in a boardroom.

Never Split the Difference

Chris Voss after having a stint with the police in Kansas City joined the FBI. His career in the capacity of a hostage negotiator brought him up against many criminals. It included terrorists and bank robbers as well. With time, he managed to reach the pinnacle of his career and became the lead negotiator at the international level for the FBI.

In this book, the author will take you into a world that is dominated by many high-stakes negotiations. Chris Voss revealed all the skills that enabled him and his team where it mattered the most. It was all in the saving lives of the people. This book is more of a practical guide where he shared 9 useful principles that include counter-intuitive strategies and tactics.

The author in this one tells a very compelling story and he managed to convey his methods very expertly. The need here is to understand the scope of the methods that may apply to some specific situations only. The author failed to highlight this critical aspect in this book.

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