Never Truth (The Five Families #2)

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Never Truth (The Five Families #2) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Never Truth (The Five Families #2) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Never Truth (The Five Families #2) audiobook free

What happens when you feel your whole life is a lie you create your own truths.
Sofia Genovese is a young woman who has grown up with so many secrets and thinking that the one person who would always be there for you wasnt who you thought they were makes things even harder. She has lived her life with her own truths and has done what needed to be done to live her life for herself but when your past comes barreling back into your life do you move forward or live in the past.
Nico Conti didnt have the easiest life growing up but the one bright spot has always been the day he met his ladybug having more in common then they both realized, Nico does everything he thought was right when it came to Sofia.
Nico & Sofia will have to overcome so many hurdles to find their way back to one another, their pasts, their lies even their truths but will it be enough for them to bring it to a future that will lead them to a HEA, that will be the last question they will have to answer.


Review #2

Never Truth (The Five Families #2) audiobook streamming online

4.5 Stars!!

Nico & Sofia’s journey is intense, intriguing, and entertaining. This Second-Chance Mafia Romance got me hooked right from the start and couldn’t let go until I was done lsitening! So expertly performed, that it felt as if I was part of this fabulous story!

Nico and Sofia are reconnecting many years after their hurtful break-up, and while Sofia wants nothing to do with the man that unexpectedly left her heartbroken, Nico wants nothing more than to keep her safe, and regain her love and trust. Their chemistry is explosive, and their connection still so strong, that what they evoked is almost palpable. They truly complement each other so perfectly, and deserve their second chance!!

The only thing that I really wish to have been differently, is for Nico’s POV to have been at least equal to Sofia’s. Brilliant Performance by Ava Erickson and Wen Ross!


Review #3

Audiobook Never Truth (The Five Families #2) by Jill Ramsower

This book was exactly what I needed, a healthy balance of second chance romance with suspense done mafia style!

Sofia Genovese has spent the past 7 years of her life with a broken heart. Thinking that she is never going to feel whole again. Sofias father is Enzo Genovese and boss of the Lucciano family in New York. Having kept secret that she knows what her father does from the rest of her family, she lives her life working in an art gallery. Not knowing that a surprise visitor will be at her graduation. A visitor who has the chance to destroy what is left of her heart.

Antonico Conti aka Nico just became Capo in the Lucciano mafia family, which is rare for someone as young as he is, his first order is to watch over Sofia. Having to watch over the one person he let go of all those years ago is not the easiest first task. However, a task nonetheless, Nico is prepared and willing to sacrifice himself for the one he has always loved.

Will Nico be able to keep Sofia safe? Will Sofia be able to keep her secrets hidden or will they slowly harden her until she is nothing?

I hope you know that even if we stay right here on Staten Island for the rest of our lives, Im happy if Im with you.

I really liked Sofia and Nico. I felt for both of them with the things that happened in their young lives that was completely out of their control. I love how both Sofia and Nico are written to be very strong, tough and grown up for their young ages. I dont think I would have been able to handle either of what they went through and come on top like they did. This book is suspenseful because of course, everyone likes to keep secrets!

This is book two in a series, I didnt know that until about of the way in. Do you have to read them in order, No, would it help to understand things a little better, of course! I highly recommend this book and cant wait for the third installment to come later this year!


Review #4

Audio Never Truth (The Five Families #2) narrated by Ava Erickson Wen Ross

Jill nailed it with Nico & Sofia. Both of them a critical piece of the puzzle that holds the family together. I was taken back by who Sophia was. She has a tender yet daring heart. Sophia is the key, that you just didn’t see coming. A quiet grace that packs a punch when the time is right.

Nico, this man is ruthless and calculating. He gave Sophia everything, and to protect her, he gave away his heart. Both trapped in the deception that is the mafia, he becomes a man he didn’t plan on being. Like a survivor, he takes on life and becomes a force that supersedes in the dark world.

This story is perfectly written and a must read.


Review #5

Free audio Never Truth (The Five Families #2) – in the audio player below

I have read four books in this series. There have been hits and misses. This book was by far the weakest. There is nothing I dislike more in a book than when the story constantly goes back and forth in time. No way can I become invested in a story with the then and now chapters. I skim the then chapters and struggle to finish the book. Blood Always was the best. Loved Matteo DeLuca. I will continue with the series in hopes of getting more of Matteo. My recommendation would be to skip this book.


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