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New York audiobook

Hi, are you looking for New York audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

New York audiobook free

I sometimes have trouble sticking with audiobooks, but this one grabbed me and didn\’t let go for almost 37 hours. I had several a-ha moments where historical events I knew by name and key facts from my school days, suddenly made sense in a bigger context. The narrator was excellent, too. I\’m so glad that I went for the unabridged version…I would have hated to miss anything.


Review #2

New York audiobook streamming online

This is one of the best audio books ever!!! I have listened to hundreds of books and this one was absolutely one of the very best. The way the author incorporates his characters into the history of Manhattan is genius. They are all fascinating and believable characters. I listened to this audiobook twice. Mark Bramhall\’s narration was superb. You will love this book. I listened to it twice.


Review #3

Audiobook New York by Edward Rutherfurd

I\’ve read every Edward Rutherfurd book, starting with \”Sarum\” (still my favorite) twenty years ago. I always enjoy the journey through time and the interconnectivity of lives and families. I love historical fiction and seeing great figures and events from a character\’s firsthand perspective. The narrator is fantastic, seamlessly switching from character to character and giving distinct voices and convincing accents to the characters. [Akin to Michael Lee, in my opinion.] I did have three minor disappointments with the story, though, compared to his other books. First, in earlier works, such as \”Sarum\” or \”Russka\”, we follow the interactions of families over thousands of years. The timeframe in \”New York\” — about four centuries — is the shortest of all his works. Yet the vast majority of the story focuses on one privileged English family. The other families (Indian, Dutch, German, Irish, Italian, Jewish, etc.) give color and heart to the story, bringing the rich history and diversity of the city alive. But they often seem secondary to the narrative, and once introduced they disappear at times for long periods with no explanation of what has happened in between. That works better in a story that spans a few thousand years, but in a story that spans a mere 400 we know the character we cared about in the previous chapter is still alive and they are often never heard from again. Second, I wish the story had started earlier. Though homage is paid to the Native American inhabitants in Rutherfurd\’s well-researched style, I would have enjoyed a chapter or two discribing life on Manhattan prior to European arrival. Instead, we begin with the Dutch settlers with depictions of the remaining and displaced natives. I would have liked to have learned more about life before the Europeans came. Third, everyone seems basically good. There are few \”bad\” people, but not many. There is no family that spawns generations of thieves and rogues. There are no multi-generational grudges. The criminals are still good at heart. The rich are generally generous and open-minded. Even those we at first dislike often find a redemption and change of heart. And that isn\’t the way life always works. These three points are criticisms, but not condemnations. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it. As always, the author weaves a tapestry of the history of a locale with his characters bearing witness as it evolves. And if you haven\’t read (listened to) Rutherford\’s earlier works, do so. His journeys are enlightening in their passage through time.


Review #4

Audio New York narrated by Mark Bramhall

How does Edward Rutherfurd do it? I can barely write a check to pay my mortgage while this author regales us again with his incredible story-telling. I\’d read \”London\” and \”Sarum\” years ago, before audiobooks and just recently listened to \”Princes of Ireland\” and \”The Rebels of Ireland\” – unabridged. Just when I thought Rutherfurd had run out of typewriter ink, here comes this magnificent account of the greatest city in the world. He effortlessly weaves the stories of people who made up what would become \”the melting pot\” of this country, black, white, poor, rich, young, and old. If you slept through history class, this is the book which will get you caught up in an informative and entertaining way.


Review #5

Free audio New York – in the audio player below

At first I was afraid to choose such a long book, but I never regretted my selection. Having lived in New York City for several years definitely helped make the settings of the stories more familiar. Regardless, this book tells the story of the United States through the eyes of the people of New York. Although it includes several different stories that happen years apart, they are all linked very nicely through generational ties and key details or objects that are passed down through the generations. They flow very well together. The main character in the final story is a descendant of the main character mentioned at the beginning of the book. I highly recommend it!


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