Nick and Charlie (Solitaire #1.5)

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Nick and Charlie audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Nick and Charlie audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Nick and Charlie audiobook free

I recently read and absolutely loved the whole of Heartstopper story so I was thrilled when I realized I could get more of Nick and Charlie while waiting for the next chapter of the graphic novel. But I have to say I was disappointed. I didnt feel like I was reading the same characters as in the comics. I know they are 2 years older in this but the way they act, talk in the novella seems very different. I cant imagine the cute cartoon Charlie give the middle finger to Nick or Nick says that he doesnt like one of Charlies friend. It felt off.

Also, the main story is basically them thinking they broke up for 2 weeks when they could have talked so easily. I know they are teens but it seems a bit forced to have them go all this time miserable and heartbroken and not do anything.

So if you are excepting to find the same sweet and goofy characters from the graphic novel, know that it might not be the case.


Review #2

Nick and Charlie audiobook streamming online

This is a great supplemental story to the Nick and Charlie romance. I fell in love with these two reading Heartstopper, and really enjoyed this glimpse into their future. They fall prey to typical teenage angst and miscommunication, but prove that they are a romance meant to last.

Oseman’s writing style is fast paced and deeply emotional, bringing the characters to life and making the reader really root for them. This was a fun read, and I’m looking forward to reading Solitare, the original novel Nick and Charlie are from.

If I had to name a downside to this book, it’s that it is very short. It’s only a novella, so readers know going in that this is going to be more of a “snack-sized” story. Still, I would have loved to see Nick and Charlie face their future together rather than just a metaphoric fade to black. But being left hungry for more is certainly not the worst flaw a story can have!


Review #3

Audiobook Nick and Charlie by Alice Oseman

I guess since this book was written prior to the Heartstopper series, the author had a different idea about these two characters back then. It’s just a little jarring to read, that’s all. Nick and Charlie in this story are more angsty teenagers with terrible communication skills, while the Nick and Charlie that I and many others love from Heartstopper just feel more mature and kind to one another.

This book makes it a point to say Nick and Charlie are in a good relationship, but the examples given tend toward the typical toxic teenage relationship, or rather, how a young person thinks a good relationship should be. In Heartstopper, their relationship IS really a good relationship. You can’t say that it’s a progression of them growing older either since “Nick and Charlie” is set 2 years after Heartstopper. All I can guess is that it shows the author’s own maturity.


Review #4

Audio Nick and Charlie narrated by Huw Parmenter Sam Newton

What a quick, cute read but with enough angst to make it a little less fluff! I loved seeing Nick and Charlie a little ways into the future from the comics and seeing how they’re doing. As a couple, they’re still working together but having some difficulties communicating (didn’t we all at 17/18)? Of course, with how short this is, anything else I mention is going to be a spoiler, so I’ll just recommend taking an hour to read this!


Review #5

Free audio Nick and Charlie – in the audio player below

This novella was so sweet, and was very realistic to a high/upper school relationship where one person is going to college while the other stays. We see Charlie’s panic, and his being torn between knowing he’s selfish for not wanting Nick to go, and wanting Nick to be happy and trying to be genuinely excited to see his boyfriend going to college. I cried reading it, and I just loved the story. 10/10 recommend, even if you don’t really know who the characters are.


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    1. this made me feel all types of ways, but mostly sad and in love with not just the books but also the beautiful person behind this book. this book made me realise how in love i am with my partner.

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