No Excuses!

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No Excuses! audiobook

No Excuses! Book tells about the real power associated with self-discipline for having success in your life. Brian Tracy has written this book. He is a Canadian-American self-development writer and a motivational public speaker. He has written more than 80 books so far in his career. Most of them have been translated into dozens of different global languages. Master Your Time, Master Your Life is a career success book by the author. It tells about a breakthrough system to get better and quicker results in life. It applies to every specific area of your life. There is another book by the author on the management and leadership domain. The name of this book is Eat That Frog!

The narration of this book is done by Brian Tracy as well. It was an average narration. As Brian Tracy is a motivational public speaker so he could have done better in that vocal domain.

No Excuses!

A lot of people think that success is something that comes through good luck. They also think that it may come from enormous talent. However, the majority of successful people do achieve all of their accomplishments in a very simple manner. It was all achieved through self-discipline. This is something that Tracy knows quite well firsthand. He is not someone who graduated from high school or after he worked as a laborer for a few years.

He realized quite a in time that he has very limited skills and also a very limited future. But, it was all through the self-discipline power that he managed to change his life. He got success in marketing and sales, real estate development, investing and management consulting, etc. He has consulted with a lot more than 1000 companies. He has spoken at different seminars and given different motivational speeches. Altogether, more than four million people facilitated through it in more than 40 countries.

Audio No Excuses free

This book has revolutionized a lot of lives. It is a kind of book that you may read the second, third or fourth time. This count could have gone on and on if you can come in terms with the average narration of Brian Tracy.

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