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Hell’s Foundations Quiver audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Hell’s Foundations Quiver audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Hell’s Foundations Quiver audiobook free

I normally like David Weber’s books, and though I have enjoyed the series and would normally have given four stars, I have to say the names drive me absolutely nuts. I read a ton, not only SciFi/Fantasy, and I’ve never come across a book/series that the names took me OUT of the story as much as this one. In my opinion it would be a much better read if he used the normal spellings of the names. It totally interrupts the experience to constantly have to stop and figure out how he’s spelling regular names. If having to figure out every name in the book doesn’t bother you, enjoy. For me it’s just frustration. It would be better to have fake, made up names. Knowing there’s a proper name in there somewhere makes me pause to figure it out. I don’t want to pause, I want to enjoy the story!

Review #2

Hell’s Foundations Quiver audiobook in series Safehold

Can someone please find Mr. Weber a new editor? Or any editor. My god, he just drones on and on about the most inconsequential things. Apparently he is more interested in spending pages and pages sharing his knowledge of winter clothing for soldiers, a new way to feed those same soldiers, and providing in depth backstories to newly introduced characters right before they die. There is no doubt that Mr. Weber can come up with a great concept for a story, but he just can’t tell it in a trillion words or less. Plus, the naming conventions he has created for Safehold can make it very difficult to follow and grasp which side of the conflict you are reading about as you start a new chapter. The story is overly complex and it suffers for it. This is book eight, for goodness sake! Get it over with already.

Review #3

Audiobook Hell’s Foundations Quiver by David Weber

I am a voracious reader of everything written by David Weber. Sometimes, though, the juice is not worth the squeeze – that’s the case with Hell’s Foundations Quiver (HFQ). As other reviewers have noted, the basic story — and character development — could have been told in a much shorter volume, without so much of the extraneous filler. I enjoyed the scenes in which Aivah (and others) were clued in to the truth behind Safehold. As an engineer, I also appreciated how Weber makes the introduction of technological advances plausible (including the way in which some of the characters figure them out on their own). But the endless parade of minor (“red shirt”) characters, battles that don’t really change the course of the story arc, and dialog between the main characters that, while well written, doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know — well, it dilutes what could otherwise have been an excellent next chapter in an excellent series. Having said all this, I look forward to reading the next installment, with the fervent hope that Mr. Weber applies an editorial pen that is as ruthless as Safehold’s main antagonist, Zhasper Clyntahn.

Review #4

Audio Hell’s Foundations Quiver narrated by Oliver Wyman

On the one hand there I love multi-volume series, as it can give an author a chance to build out characters. However in this series the number of characters keeps increasing, while many of them are throwaway single chapter characters, it’s still reached the point where things seem to be bogging down. Plus in general it seems have become more of a “future history”, a war on a month-by-month basis.

As the series progresses, the action shifts to some of the other characters, which could be a nice way to keep things fresh, however there really isn’t that much character development and a whole lot of info dumps. In some cases Weber does a decent job with the info dumps, in others it’s little more than a bunch of characters sitting around reminding each other why they made some decision or other; which would have more oomph if they didn’t often seem to speak with such a similar voice.

I still enjoyed it, but hopefully things will pickup (ok, I’m not all that hopeful at this point as Weber’s typical narrative style seems well established).

Review #5

Free audio Hell’s Foundations Quiver – in the audio player below

At 84 % read on my kindle the story just ends the remaining 16% is padded with a summary of characters etc. I find this sort of thing shameless as I’ve already read the book and therefore don’t need to know who’s who and whats what.

Secondly, and kind of related to the first point, the story just stops and this is getting to be a theme of David Webers writing as i’ve noticed the same in the Honor Harrington series. It leaves the story feeling, well, unfininished for want of a better word.

I suppose now the author will switch over to the Honor series and leave us waiting for a few years for the next installment or as with the honor series he’ll do a load of safehold spinoffs with other authors.

Please Please Please just get on with concluding a series and stop screwing your readers over.

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