Old Money, New Woman: How to Manage Your Money and Your Life

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Old Money, New Woman audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Old Money, New Woman audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Old Money, New Woman audiobook free

I’ve read and enjoyed Mr. Tully’s other Old Money books and also read his blog regularly. He offers sensible, real life advice that is useful and applicable for everyone of every background. I just received this book and am enjoying it so much! As always, Mr. Tully presents his views and advice with thoughtfulness, realism, and a good dash of humor. I definitely see this book as one I will dip into and reference again and again, not just for its advice but also for an enjoyable read. As a woman, I especially appreciated Mr. Tully’s suggestions on how women today can make the right impression in both professional and personal spheres (hint: the Kardashians are not good role models for this). He offers examples of women of quite diverse backgrounds who have achieved success and who are excellent role models (Shirley Chisholm, Corazon Aquino, and Marie Curie, to name just a few.) I look forward to reading this book again and again and hope Mr. Tully will continue to write books that can appeal to so many people. Good manners, money smarts, civility and respect are always in fashion.


Review #2

Old Money, New Woman audiobook streamming online

Well. This is a book. Without getting into how weird it is when men write books like this for women, it has some good parts and a lot of bad parts.

Disclosure: I love books like this because theyre so different from the culture that I live in, but this one is just… weird? To put it lightly. Punctuated with pictures of his wifes holiday to Spain, none of which match the subject matter or have anything to do with the concept of an Old Money Gal, this book has no idea where its actually trying to go.

Chapters on deportment and presentation out of nowhere become a bizarre series of pages upon pages on the EVILS of tattoos and now getting one will mean you cant have MRIs and will probably contract hepatitis (I say this as somebody with no tattoos or plans to get any), and the finances chapter turns into a spiel about toxins in make up. Its just a pointless book that should have been blog posts instead.


Review #3

Audiobook Old Money, New Woman by Byron Tully

Old Money: New Woman is a wonderful read. For those in my generation who wish to lead their lives with class and ignore the Instagram Generation, I definitely recommend this book. What makes this book so unique: its written for women by…a man. A gentleman that is!

Throughout the authors advice, its clear he respects women and wishes success upon the female gender. At no point, does the author sound misogynistic or preachy. Rather, Byron provides practical lifestyle guidance to leading an Old Money lifestyle with Smarts, humbleness and integrity.


Review #4

Audio Old Money, New Woman narrated by Beth Kesler

As a Chicana born in Los Angeles, CA with a unique cultural makeup of Mexican ancestry and California influence, I found this book to be a bit out of tune with my cultural background, specifically when it came to dress. With that being said, this book confirmed much of the knowledge that I acquired from observing others and provided me with a lot of self-reflection about my spending habits, dress, composure, and goal setting. In turn, I feel that this book was nicely written and very practical. I will definitely keep many of the messages in this book at the frontline of my life as a mother, career woman and social advocate.


Review #5

Free audio Old Money, New Woman – in the audio player below

I loved this book! As you read you get the feeling this is a parent or older family member guiding you, teaching you and preparing you for the real world. Many of the tips and suggestions I learned at my fathers knee, others gave me pause to think and ultimately agree with. I highly recommend this book to any young women starting out and any older one who is tired of the craziness seen in public these days. Thank you Byron, well done!


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