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On the Way to You audiobook

Hi, are you looking for On the Way to You audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

On the Way to You audiobook free

Sometimes you read those books and you don’t know if any review you write could do it justice. This is one of those books. It is such a different concept than a lot of stories out there. How it feels to be young and impulsive and given an opportunity to be freed from just existing. To take a journey that makes you feel alive. That’s what happened to Cooper in the story, but for me by reading the story. Kandi reminds you that we all have our personal scars… whether it’s something you can see physically or something that you don’t see about someone from the outside. You never know when that chance will come along that can change your whole life. This was one of the stories where I felt like I was watching a movie or having a really good dream. I could almost visualize the whole thing in front of me. The emotions from the characters wove their way into my heart and I was feeling it too. Her books just keep getting better and better for me and after reading the ones that I have, I’m not sure how that is possible. You will love Cooper and Emery.


Review #2

On the Way to You audiobook streamming online

I read this fantastic book in about 4 hours in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep.
There were points while reading that I wanted to cry, I still want to cry as I type this, but I have no tears left in me after this week.
I have a couple thoughts that I want to touch on.
First off, Kandi Steiner, thank you for writing this awesome book. I connected with both Emery and Cooper in different ways. I have both anxiety and depression. My depression (thankfully) hasn’t ever been has bad has it was for Emery, but I have had my bad days. Emery helped me realize that I want to get real help for my anxiety and depression and get them under control. Even if that means medications or even talking to someone. I have always passed my depression off as something else that is bringing me down.
Second, when Emery asks Cooper in the beginning “What makes you happy?”, I kind of had to laugh. My boss had asked me that the day before I started reading. I even told my boss that the character was asked this. How Cooper put that when she was asked this, she interpreted it as “are you happy?”, and I agree with her on that. How can you truly answer “what makes you happy?” if you aren’t truly happy? I’m working on finding something everyday that makes me happy within that day or just in my life, and trying to just grab onto the positive inside of focusing on the negative.
Scratch what I said at the beginning about having no tears left. I am now crying.
Everyone needs to read On the Way to You.


Review #3

Audiobook On the Way to You by Kandi Steiner

On The Way To You is an emotional read that truly grabbed me from the beginning of this book all the way to the end.

Cooper and Emery are complete opposites in every sense of the word, but when Emery offers Cooper a chance to live her dream and take a road trip that will change her life, she can’t say no to this sexy stranger. Watching Cooper who has such a positive outlook on life even though she’s had a rough life, deal with getting in a car with a stranger to road trip across America was quite hilarious. Her mini freak out had me laughing, and her non stop talking in the beginning I think truly drove Emery nuts, but it showed how different these two were, and maybe just how much they truly needed one another.

This book has some interesting aspects to it, and we get to see Cooper truly learn more about herself, and truly embrace life to the fullest, while also trying to understand Emery and building a bond with him. I adored how much she cared about him and how she wanted to help him even when he didn’t want help. Sure she may have gone about things the wrong way at times, but in the end it may have just helped these two become closer.

This book does deal with some strong topics and isn’t light and fluffy. It has two characters that have had a rough story and both of them deal with things completely different. It was a definite emotional roller-coaster, and I was hooked from beginning to end. Cooper and Emery had an amazing story to tell, and I loved watching them together as well as all of their escapades throughout the US while they road tripped to Seattle.

If you’re looking for an emotional story with characters that you’ll have a hard time not falling in love with, I highly suggest picking up On The Way To You by Kandi Steiner today. This book is definitely one that will stay with you long past “The End”.


Review #4

Audio On the Way to You narrated by Lacey Gilleran

This book was more than I expected and I loved it.

Cooper is a young woman who was born into a family who did not truly appreciate nor love her, and after overcoming a terrible accident decides to save, plan and hope for a better future. Emery Reed enters the diner where she works and asks her one simple question ‘What makes you happy?’ It is a question that would later go on to change her life and inspire her to throw caution to the wind and embark on an adventurous road trip with him.

Emery is an opposite of Cooper in many ways and is battling depression. Throughout their adventures, you learn more about the complexity of Emery’s issues but also Cooper’s own struggles and hardships. Through their journey, they are discovering not only about the places they visit but also themselves and each other’s issues. Their relationship is rocky, beautiful, complicated and raw and I was completely hooked on the whole concept of the book.

The book really made think and puts things into perspective and definitely makes you understand an issue that many of us struggle and battle with. I did not expect some of the twists in the book and found it very moving and emotional.

I have never been emotionally affected by a book in a long time, but this really did hit me and give me a lot of feels. The book dealt with a few topics that were personal to me and it was nice and refreshing to have a book put a voice to human feelings and emotions. Beautifully written, an adorable chemistry between characters and just an all-around good book.

I’d recommend to anyone looking to read something a bit different, or a book that is relatable and not just your typical cliched romance.


Review #5

Free audio On the Way to You – in the audio player below

What makes me happy?

Books like this. Books that stir me up. Make me think. Make me cry. Books that take me on a journey and make the book characters feel like old friends.

As I read On the Way to You I was reminded very much of The Edge Of Never. Boy and girl meet. Boy and girl travel across America. Boy has a secret. I waited for the bomb to drop. It was like The Edge Of Never and it wasnt. Similar but all together different and oh so very inspirational.

Cooper and Emery are both fantastic characters that give a great depth and warmth to the story. Set them against the backdrop of an epic journey across the country and the discovery of each other and it leaves you with a stunning, breathtaking and heart stopping story.

My new favourite nickname of all time is Little Penny.


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