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Orlando audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Orlando audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Orlando audiobook free

Orlando by Virgina Woolf has totally enchanted me. It is beautifully written with an extraordinary abundance of vocabulary and mastery of the English language. Woolf transports you effortlessly to a world where ages succeed one another depicting all the world changes typical of the corresponding era. But Orlando lives through them all. And although his gender changes, his personality, so rich and versatile, does not and stays fascinating throughout the whole book which holds you spellbound from the very first word to the last. Clare Higgins is a gifted narrator and her clear and musical diction contributes to the enjoyment of the story. I have listened to the book twice and I intend to do it more times. I also intend to purchase more books by the author. Mayca Est?vez


Review #2

Orlando audiobook streamming online

\”The change of sex, though it altered their future, did nothing whatever to alter their identity.\” – Virginia Woolf, Orlando A beautiful, poetic look at gender, sex, poetry, time, love, living, etc. This gender-studies masterpiece was inspired by Woolf\’s reltionship with Vita Sackville-West. According to Vita\’s son: \”The effect of Vita on Virginia is all contained in Orlando, the longest and most charming love letter in literature, in which she explores Vita, weaves her in and out of the centuries, tosses her from one sex to the other, plays with her, dresses her in furs, lace and emeralds, teases her, flirts with her, drops a veil of mist around her.\” This is one of the easier Woolf novels to read. Toward the end it gets a bit stream-of-consious (as Modern writers were wont to do), but the narrative of this novel floats and folds through time and gender easily. It was an amazing way of looking at the female experience because Orlando\’s experience was first fundamentally experienced by Orlando regardless of their gender. So, the novel as biography allowed Woolf to mine the experience from the inside instead of the outside. It also allowed the fluidity of gender to be explored in a way that a less fanciful novel might not have been able to. It is wild to think this book was published in 1928 AND here we are 90-years-later still working our britches into Puritanical bunches over gender and bathrooms. What a bunch of nonsense. One area of hope does exist. In my lifetime, I have seen a huge increase in the attention paid to the difficulties faced by those who don\’t fit into the gender norms. Things ARE SLOWLY getting better for my friends and the children of my friends who might not fit easily into the pants or skirts society wants to drop them in. Hopefully, it doesn\’t take 400 years.


Review #3

Audiobook Orlando by Virginia Woolf

Heard lots of amazing things about this book so I wanted to give it a try… It\’s not the kind of book i\’m used to reading but it was still interesting and the lady who read it was excellent!


Review #4

Audio Orlando narrated by Clare Higgins

What can I say. She was a writer that had visions where a writer would probably dare go in the year \”Orlando\” was written. She had a style of her own. A style that seem to catch on as time went by. As more writings, essays and stories came to press the more she became excepted as a top writer not only in Britian but also other areas such the US. She was most certain a women\’s right\’s supportor. At the same time she loved all her family including her husband Leonard. She also was very close with her sister and brother. As for the story \”Orlando\” it kept my interest right up til the very end. It is a love story with twist and turns and surprises. Iam sure you will find in very intersting and mysitical as I did. I have read a many of Mrs. Woolf stories and essays. \”Orlando\” I would rate high on HER charts for story line and writing expertise. Give it a sample listen it may get your curiosity.


Review #5

Free audio Orlando – in the audio player below

…but I won\’t be there to find out. This is unlike any Woolf I\’ve read before — forced and artificial, with great long catalogs of cloying elaboration. The atmosphere is claustrophobic.


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