P.S. I Still Love You (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before #2)

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P.S. I Still Love You audiobook

Hi, are you looking for P.S. I Still Love You audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

P.S. I Still Love You audiobook free

I really liked the first book and rushed to buy this one only to be disappointed. For starters, Lara Jean spends the whole story being insecure about her boyfriend’s ex Genevieve or wondering it he wants to have sex with her (Lara). He is a guy so yes, stop asking. That is seriously 90% of the book. She became the crazy girlfriend who kept bringing up his ex. Now, Peter did run to his ex’s aid too much and the grand reason he was such a necessity to Gen was just lame. The ex used a mildly upsetting scenario (no one died or was dying) to keep Peter on the hook and he was too dumb to realize it. So he was to blame for a bit of Lara’s insecurity but it was pretty clear that the author had no real story in mind for this book by how many times Lara questioned the same things over and over. The author admitted this was written at fan request just to explore John Ambrose, a pointless addition, and it showed. What I truly hated was the whole “sex tape” story line. Without consent from either Peter or Lara Jean, they were filmed making out in a hot tub on a school trip. Lara fully covered by some old lady type of nightgown and Peter in a bathing suit. The recording was then shared with their entire class. Against the law, I work at a school, Genevieve would have been suspended if not also charged. Nothing happens to her. Peter knows and remains her lackey, which should have resulted in his permanent kick to the curb by Lara, but she ends up shrugging it off because she realizes he and Gen and she and Gen have a connection. Really? Um, no. The girl was a two book mean girl, she deserved a tell off if not a slap, not unconfronted forgiveness. So dumb. On top of that, Lara gets sex shamed for starring in this tape like it was her choice. Yes the student reaction is sadly the norm, but the teacher who shamed her for not seeming like the type of girl to do this sort of thing should have been reported and fired because a girl kissing a boy is not a bad choice nor is making out with one, nor did Lara choose to be taped. Worse was Lara’s dim father who doesn’t seem to parent much telling her to make better choices because of course she knew Gen was a jealous perv taping them with a mind to distribute her work. Seriously? A woman wrote this? Dad should have gone through the roof and demanded the school do something since this happened on a school trip and was it was being distributed at school, not acted like it was in anyway Lara’s fault. I get that the author wanted to show that Peter as a boy had an easier time of it than Lara as a girl, but the teacher and father reaction was just way off. I was done with her dad as a character after that. This whole book seemed to be proof Lara and Peter were better off apart, as both had good reason to dump the other for good, but they find their way back to each and into a third, better written but still not as good as the first book, novel. My best advice is to read the first book and make up your own story for what comes next.


Review #2

P.S. I Still Love You audiobook in series To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

There are so many reviews I\’ll keep mine short and basic. Also make sure you read the first in the series before looking at anything here! This book was so much fun to read. It picks up after the first and has Lara Jean and Peter in some turmoil. There is a lot of turmoil throughout a good portion of this book! I don\’t want to give anything away but the one major thing that is in this book is the surfacing of a video from a certain ski trip. This is a major factor in this book. There is also the chance to meet another of her letter guys! Also, Gen is up to her tricks again it would seem but I\’ll let you see what\’s up there on your own! So this book is one with a good bit of teen angst but these teens are very good kids for the most part so it\’s not one that has terrible influences aplenty. This makes it appropriate for a good range of reading ages. It\’s a fun book that might make you happy, sad, mad, and any other range of emotion but in the end it\’s a feel good book that just makes you fall more in love with the characters you\’ve learned to care for in the first book.


Review #3

Audiobook P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han

I HAD to read the next installment after To All the Boys I\’ve Loved Before finished the way it did. I thought the pace was slower than its predecessor but I still enjoyed it as much as the first one. Lara Jean wants Peter back. She will go for it despite her worries about putting her heart on the line and the possibility of getting hurt. You have to admire someone who decides to overcome her fear of being abandoned. So what does Lara Jean do? She writes a letter to Peter K but this time she takes it to Peter K herself. Gladly, he is home when Lara Jean comes knocking. This is when I start thinking that everything is going to be ok now. They are together, what can go wrong? One answer, Genevieve. Genevieve keeps on using Peter for who knows what. She keeps on calling him and the worst part is that Peter answers every single time. Yes, Lara Jean knows Peter cares for Genevieve but at the beginning, she is more accepting of this situation until she is not. To make the waters even murkier, another boy she wrote a letter to is back. You might remember the tiny sneak peak we got in the first book about John Ambrose McClaren, well he\’s back in full force. He\’s the grandson of Story, an awesome lady with amazing stories to tell who\’s at the retirement house where Lara Jean is volunteering. John Ambrose is everything Lara Jean wants from a boyfriend and he even helps her out when she needs it during the USO party she throws at the retirement house ( I would love to see this in the next movie. Their scene together was beautiful). John Ambrose McClaren is dreamy but he is not Peter K and sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants. I was torn between both guys which is weird because I was Peter K team all the way in To All the Boys I\’ve Loved Before. Yet, I was very happy with Lara Jean\’s decision and I was happy she made good choices too. I thought the book portrayed a nice relationship between the siblings. They had an awesome relationship with their father (I adored him) which was a nice change since most books have horrible family dynamics. Kitty, as well as Stormy, gave this book the sassiness it needed. Cliffhanger: No 4/5 Fangs


Review #4

Audio P.S. I Still Love You narrated by Ali Ahn

I really dislike Peter. There, I\’ve said it, it\’s out in the open. But actually, this book changed my mind. Now I prefer Peter over Lara Jean! This is basically a catch up book to show us how the relationships have started to unfold following on from the events of the first book. The good thing about that is that Jenny Han really beautifully captures what it means to have that nervous excitement of first dating someone but then somehow manages to tie in the routine of a steady relationship. I really felt like she just GOT it. Also, who can\’t relate to some ex-girlfriend drama? Nailed that one too. And really, that, tied in with a few extra pieces about Kitty setting her dad up on dates and Lara Jean dealing with the fall out from the hot-tub video, is basically all this book is about. And it\’s done well, but it\’s definitely disappointing – I really felt as though there was nothing happening in this book, aside from some relationship/friendship/family dramas. I should admit here that I don\’t make a habit of reading light and fluffy romances – they\’re just not for me – so perhaps the downfall is with me more than the lack of much happening in the book? But I felt like more should have been happening; I was pretty bored. Maybe if I loved Peter and Lara Jean together I could have been more gripped – I love a likeable romantic pairing as much as anyone – but it was disinterested and not at all engaged by any of the characters. Even Kitty, who I\’d previously really liked. I don\’t know. I just didn\’t really care who Lara Jean picked to give her heart to – nor did I think she really deserved all the fuss! A bit of a filler book.


Review #5

Free audio P.S. I Still Love You – in the audio player below

Sometimes I think I\’m dead inside…all I hear about this series is gushy, gooey, good sentiments, but all I felt reading this book was frustration. I really enjoyed To All the Boys I\’ve Loved Before, I thought it was nicely paced, with realistic characters, and a somewhat unpredictable love triangle. WHERE DID ALL THAT GO IN THIS BOOK?! Lara Jean, what happened to you? Peter Kavinsky, when did you become such a jerk? John Ambrose McClaren, why are you so adorable? And where the hell is Josh, did he move?! It may get spoilery from here, so stop reading if you don\’t want to know what happens….. I found the love triangle increasingly irritating, this whole book just felt unnecessary, and a rehash of the previous book with a different cast of characters, the conclusion was inevitable. The last chapter was basically \’oh yeah you were a ass but don\’t worry about it, let\’s get back together.\’ It felt really rushed, and just showed that neither character had really learnt anything from their experiences in the book. The lack of communication between Peter and Lara Jean was making me scream inside, and even after finishing the novel, I still don\’t know why he couldn\’t have just been honest about the Gen situation from the start. He plain and simply picked her over Lara Jean in many situations, and without communicating any reasoning behind that, it was a total dick move. I felt sad for John, who seemed to be a genuinely nice guy, who honestly liked Lara Jean. He didn\’t really deserve to be treated the way he was, strung along, just to be dropped with no real explanation. I also hated Kitty\’s attitude to the whole situation, she was one of my favourite\’s in the first book, and she just gets more and more bratty in this one, I really just wanted to give her a clip around the ears (oh my god….when did I become my nan?!). I\’m going to read the last book, mostly because I already bought it, but honestly Jenny Han, you\’ve got some serious work on your hands to get me back on board with these books.


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